Marathon Training: Week 8

I am really good at falling off the face of the earth, aren't I?

Well, if you are like me, you have good running weeks as well as bad ones. This past week fell into the "bad week" category.

7 Miles AM1 Mile AM
3.5 Miles PM
1.5 Miles PM
1 Mile AM
Rest PM
1 Mile AM
5 Miles PM
1 Mile AM
5 Miles
Rest13.1 Miles AM

First, the treadmill and I hung out on every run for nearly 2 weeks. After spending that much quality time with each other, we easily got sick of seeing each other. I could not make it to 5 miles in a few of my sessions. I was exhausted. However, by Thursday, I was determined to run outside. I thought all I needed was fresh air to cure me of the funk I was in. I had my reasons in avoiding the outdoors, but it mostly was due to the inconsistencies of my foot pain. Some days were better than others, but by Thursday evening, I could not fathom the thought of running another 5 miles inside. I got my cold gear on and went to my parent's to run.

It felt great...with exception of the first mile. I was so used to the treadmill absorbing the impact of my body that I forgot how unforgiving pavement was. It really messed with my vision, actually. But once the sun was down, it was no longer an issue. I finished happy and refreshed.

On Saturday, I revisited the trail for the first time in 3 weeks for a 13.1 mile run. It had just snowed earlier that morning, but nothing was going to stand in my way. I NEEDED to return to the trail.

Lucky for me, my foot stayed quiet, but I was absolutely exhausted by the end. Alpha and I cuddled for some time while I tried regaining some energy.

That same evening, I did a lot of thinking. My confidence had really gone down. Running had not been this difficult since my surgery in July. It has left me wondering if I will be prepared for this marathon in time. I quickly snapped out of it though. I am almost 2 months away from the actual race. I think that is plenty of time to gain back some of the confidence I lost. Running will get better again, I am sure.

And to brighten my spirits, I decided to fork out the extra money for an upgrade to VIP at the Rock n Roll Marathon. I think that will help motivate me.

Some of that confidence did return on Sunday. I had a 6 mile run planned and although, I did not expect a great performance...that is what I got.

During the first mile, I noticed my pace was much faster than anticipated. I told myself several times "Don't do this, Lindsey! This is madness!" However, instead of slowing down, I kept speeding up. I went with it and finished strong. But like all of my recent runs, I am just left completely exhausted.

I am curious if I am getting sick or have a deficiency in something. Either way, I hope it gets resolved so I can feel normal again. I want to get this training back on track asap!!!

Are you off to a good start this week?


  1. Hi Lindsay! Just found your blog and I am loving reading it :) I Totally feel you on the good runs and bad runs and the good weeks and bad weeks. I once went through a period of being exhausted after 6miles which seemed ludicrous because I knew my body could do 20milers just 2 weeks prior. The more I worried I was going backwards in my training the more stressed out I became and the harder each run was. I finally just said screw it and stopped thinking about it and just said it is what it is. I put it down to stress, lack of sleep, tiredness and for the first time in forever I started listening to my body and just rested. It helped but I still have those bad runs too! I wouldn't worry about it, like you said you have 2 months of training left

    1. P.S Just realized the typo in your name. Lindsey! Sorry about that

    2. Thanks, Karen! You are right. I think the more a person over thinks running...or any task for that matter...ends up doing worse than if they just went with the motions. I took a break today to clear my mind and hope that tomorrow will be better.

      Happy running! :o)


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