Marathon Training: Week 6 - When Life Gives you Injuries....

First, I would like to thank those of you who have left me comments, private messages, texts, emails, etc about my last entry. Although it is sad to hear that some of you are suffering the same issues, I am relieved that I am among many strong women! We will get through this!

Now on to my training...

It was a rough week. I started to experience some "top of foot" pain, right on my first metatarsal. Because 1.5% of all stress fractures are within the first metatarsal, I figured I was not that special. But, because there was pain, my miles decreased from being in the 40 mile range, to sticking within the 30s.

81 Mile AM
1 Mile PM
1 Mile AM41 Mile AM
5 Miles PM

A lot of the pain that I had was tolerable. It would flare up after runs. It was never really painful enough during the run itself. Still, I was very mindful of it. I was icing and massaging when I could. It wasn't until my long run Saturday when the pain became a little more than a little nag.

I was forced to road run because of snow. I ran nearby mom and dad's up and down one of the longer main roads. The camber was a bit severe, but I would only stick to the shoulder if a car was coming. If not, I was in the street where the road was flatter. However, each time I was forced onto the shoulder, my foot felt like it was on fire. I pushed through and once I got to mom's, I was massaging like crazy.

Unlike many runs before, the pain did not let up. After icing, medicating, massaging and resting, the pain remained just as severe. I can apply direct pressure to the painful areas without feeling much pain, it is only when my weight is pushing on the ball of my foot, that both the first metatarsal and big toe joint feel horrible.

Needless to say, I am currently not running. Instead, I spent most of my day resting and nursing my injury. I bought insoles for my shoes and a cushion for the ball of my foot to help reduce the weight impact on that area. I also included ACE bandages in my purchase, which has ultimately been the biggest relief.

I am prepared to miss most of this week of running due to my foot, which is okay, I suppose. I will be happy to dedicate this time to yoga and pilates.

I will keep you posted on any updates :o)

Are you currently dealing with any injuries?

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  1. Hope you feel better. A cold slowed my running this week, but I am only in week 1 of Marathon training


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