Quick Update: Injury Prone

When your foot starts to hurt on a run, you are supposed to stop running. So why did I keep going? To answer that question nicely...I was an idiot!!! My cuboid bone was in severe pain after my treadmill run last night. It was a bit less severe this morning, but I was still emotional about my stupidity. I have been limping all day and researching what I can do to fix it. So far, there has been some success with self manipulation. Until I find complete relief, I am taking off from running. I am even considering seeing a podiatrist (and if you know me, you know I avoid doctor's if possible!). With my exhaustion and random foot injuries, I do not think my current running schedule will help me in the marathon. I give it a week, at most 2. If I can't get through this, I will have to reduce my planned marathon to a half. Though, I hope to avoid that if possible!

But that is where I am at right now! It is a short update, but I wanted to check in and inform you all!

Ever have cuboid issues? Have any self-treatment methods?

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