Frederick Running Festival: Frederick Half Marathon

The Half Marathon worked out much differently than the 5k. Instead of showing up in the evening to start a race at 6pm, they advised that all runners arrive no later than 6am due to road closings. For Peter and I, that meant getting up just before 5 to make it there with time to spare . As I was getting ready, I kept telling myself "Never again!", but I would later change my mind. The Red Bull I chugged also helped brighten my early morning attitude.

Once we arrived to the Frederick Fairgrounds, Peter and I walked several laps around the area to keep warm. The sun was barely up and if you weren't moving, you would have easily froze. On a positive note, the chilly weather helped me forget how nervous I was!

As we closed in on 6:45am, I located my pace group and stood among a crowd of 4000.

It was my first race of that size and I was intimidated by ever single runner there. I was a newbie to half marathon races and most of these guys seemed like pros. Though, I'm sure I wasn't the only one with the first-time heebie jeebies. Some of those "pros" were probably just like me, whether first-timers or nervous wrecks.

Like the 5K, they played "Sweet Caroline" for Boston prior to the start of the race. Nothing like thousands of runners and supporters belting out a song just minutes before 7am. I felt for those still sleeping in their homes nearby that morning.

For the first 6 miles of the race, I kept to myself, lost in an iPod trance. However, the pacers in the 2:00 group were very talkative. I ended plucking my earbuds and listening in on the conversations. One pacer, Cecilia, asked about the Twilight 5K that some participated in, which I was happy to discuss with her. Pamela, another pacer, told us some of the history of Frederick if we passed areas of interest. Then, Josh, was giving us trivia questions, like what does Asics stands for (Healthy Soul in a Healthy Body). He also performed role calls to see if we were all doing well.

All in all, I was extremely happy with my pacers. They made the race feel effortless. Now I want to be one when I grow up. Seriously! :)

When we reached mile 11, Josh had asked "Which of you still feel strong?" I raised my hand and confidently answered "This one right here." That's when he dismissed me from the group and told me to run ahead for the remainder of the course. So I did, joining another runner named Trish.
< br/> Trish and I shared a little about ourselves in the short time we ran together. This was her fourth half-marathon after recovering from an IT band injury. Her goal was to complete the half in 1:59:59. I tried to find her results since finishing, but have not located her name. I can only hope she met her goal.

During the final mile, I was running alone, trying my best to keep a steady pace. However, once I saw the finish line approaching, I felt my legs turn to jello. I was so excited to finish that I nearly lost control myself.

Luckily, I crossed the finish line in one piece and clocked my time in at 1:58:49, a new PR.

I was greeted by some fine military men, who presented me with my medals.

I was jingling the whole way out to the car, which made me quite happy/proud.

I will confidently give this race a 10/10 simply because it was my first Half Marathon race. Also, the pacers were magnificent. I think I could have run with the 1:55 group and still feel as strong. Though, I wouldn't have traded in the ones I ran with. They were perfect! So BIG KUDOS to the Baltimore Pacers for giving me the confidence and strength I needed for this race!

Anyway, I hope I didn't bore you all too much with my running recap. However, I didn't want to leave out too many details.

I hope you all have a great evening and thanks for visiting :)

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  1. Great recap! Congrats on your first half! I'm training for mine. I subbed to your blog through Bloglovin'.


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