Bread: Friend or Foe?

Experiment time!

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been eating like an oversized hog. With traveling, participating in Ashley's wedding, planning my own wedding, taking on a new job, and now with being a temporary non-runner, my food intake has completely sucked! Through it all, I am now serious about a new food plan and I have recently become intrigued by gluten-free and paleo. Though I do not think that I will ever become a full-fledge gluten/grain-free eater, I do believe it is a good idea to reduce some of it in my diet.

Ever since I can remember, bread has held a special place in my stomach heart. 

 When I was younger, I can recall waking up on a Saturday morning and finishing nearly half a loaf in toast alone. To add to it, when we would have pasta dishes, like spaghetti, having buttered bread with it was a staple at dinner! I never had just one piece either. It may have been 2-3 slices! That was on top of having a couple servings of pasta!!!
In general, my portions were out of control as a kid, but my bread intake alone was outrageous! It is quite obvious that my addiction was strong. I was able to gain some control as I got older, but the cravings have not truly ceased.

As I began reading up on wheat, it seems to be linked to a lot of digestion issues. That's when light bulb #1 turned on. I have NEVER had normal digestion. Sure, I have seen MAJOR improvements since I have upped my water intake and added fiber/digestive supplements, but even still, there are some irregularities that I would love to get worked out.

I also seem to have a permanent bloat in my stomach. 

 It has reduced greatly with my water intake and posture modifications, but again, it never completely went away. I always have had this little pooch that continues to haunt me day to day. Perhaps, bread is the culprit? It seems to be the case according to several articles I have read. I could place the blame on being overweight as a child, but it doesn't look/feel like loose skin to me. The problem is underneath the skin. 

Stomach and digestion issues are just 2 of several linked to eating bread, but other impacts may include migranes, diabetes, depression, feeling sluggish or tired, and much more!

Again, I am not trying to stop eating bread and other grains, but I want to reduce my intake dramatically and see where it takes me. Who knows, maybe it will be amazing and I will want to say goodbye to bread completely or maybe there won't be any changes. We will see.

For starters, I am going to stop having both cereal and 2 pieces of toast in the morning for breakfast. I can easily switch out one of those items for a piece of fruit instead. This morning, I replaced my toast with a banana and I was just as satisfied. 

Also, the sandwiches I love so much can be open-face. 

That cuts out one slice of bread, but does not sacrifice the flavor I want. I did that over the weekend (not on purpose, I just was running low on bread...story of my life) and I did not feel hungry. I was just as satisfied. It was a little messier, but that's probably the only reason a 2nd piece was added.

Anyway, I will keep you guys updated. Fingers crossed that this is worth it. If not, I will let you know that too!

Have you experimented with Gluten-Free or Paleo Diets? Any results?

For those of you who are GF or Paleo, please send me your favorite receipes!


  1. For pasta dishes, I have substituted the actual pasta noodle with butternut squash. It's way better and definitely better for you. Pasta, even the whole grain or wheat noodles, leave me feeling sluggish and its substitute gives me a burst of energy!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I also heard you can do zucchini as well. I bought some and was thinking of having it for lunch tomorrow. Do you cook it?


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