Friday Morning Trail Run

There are two things I rarely do: Run in the morning on a weekday & run on a Friday. Today, Peter and I did both. 

Because we were off work, we decided to take advantage of the extra free time and get out to the AT. It was a nice change of pace. My legs were still asleep when we got there, but the run felt great! The temps were cooler and the humidity was low. Makes me crave fall weather!

Also, it was gorgeous out!

Me? I wasn't so gorgeous.

Running this morning made me consider switching out my Sunday road runs for a morning trail run. Not only can I stay away from heat, but I can invest more time to practicing trail. I still have a lot of training to do on technical courses.

Peter and I both had some serious trips. He nearly snapped his ankle and I almost face planted in the dirt. Those ankle-busting rocks are unforgiving! You can't lose your focus for a second!

Luckily, we both made it out of the AT alive, but nearly falling and hurting yourself is still really scary!

Tomorrow, I plan on waking up super early and hitting the canal for my 18 miler. Thankfully, a local running group will be out there. It will really help pass the time rather than suffering through a hot run alone. It will be my first group run in about a year!

 About time I become social again. ;-)

In other news, I don't think I have yet shared with you guys that I obtained my Personal Trainer Certificate!!!

I got my card and certificate in the mail today! Having something physical makes it very real. Now, a new world has been unlocked and I can't wait to travel every corner of it! New adventures ahead!!! :)

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