Weekend Recap: Heat, Humidity, and Headstands.

So I am pretty sure we are keeping this creature...

When you buy a litter box to replace the temporary shoebox, I think it's a sign of commitment. Poor thing still has the sniffles, but she is getting better every day.

Speaking of commitment, I have started yoga again. I fell off the bandwagon for a while, but realized that my life was much better with it. Besides, yoga clothes are soo comfy!!! Doing yoga gives me an excuse to buy more of them!

5:30 am yoga session!

I have been practicing yoga headstands and I never realized how much your core is used! I didn't quite get into a full headstand, but phew! My abs are killing me today!!! Recommended workout for sure!

So has anyone else had it with the hot weather? If you're up in the northeast, like me you are probably over the thunderstorms too! It has really slowed down my JFK training; especially since my mileage is beginning to increase on the weekends.

This past weekend was super hot and humid. I had to strip down to my sports undies, fill up the Camelbak and push through one of the most difficult long runs I have ever been on.

I thought I looked cute to start, but I can assure you I didn't end looking like this.

I went out knowing I would walk every single hill. Not just because of the heat, but because I need to get used to the walking/running intervals I'll be doing during the JFK. Believe it or not, it is a challenge to do that!

Anyway, I made it through 4-5 miles before I had the urge to throw up and I considered giving up. It was so hot and breathing was extremely difficult. I just had to keep reminding myself to keep it slow, listen to my body. I ran when I could and walked when I felt it necessary (like hills).

Around mile 10, I felt it necessary to get off the road and hit the C&O Canal. Although the humidity would have still been pretty heavy, I knew that the shade would offer plenty of relief! I was able to run more frequently. I only walked when I needed to avoid mud puddles or when I wanted to eat.

I did have to hit the road one last time after 4 miles on the canal. The brief time without the sun beating down on me helped add fuel to the tank again. Then, after running for about 3 hours, I FINALLY got to 16 miles. Definitely not my best time, but considering I was near-vomiting and walking all hills, I can't complain too much!

Next weekend they are calling for temps in the 90s and I have an 18 miler. I assume that I will have a pretty difficult time then too, but hey, here's to pushing through for another week! Cheers!

Do you do yoga? Have you conquered the headstand/handstand?

Tell me about your weekend long run?

Are you dealing with some pretty hot temps? How have you been dealing?

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