Reevaluating my Passion

It's been one of those weeks that I have taken step back and reevaluated my running plan. Everything will continue as it has already been scheduled, but things are going to change. I had no idea that this JFK training was going to do this to me, but I am glad that it did.

So here is the breakdown of my random ideas that are coming in 2016.

I have decided that I am doing only the 2 races I have already signed up for. I will do the Rock n Roll Marathon in DC and the American Odyssey Relay Race. Once May rolls around, I will be on a training vacation. I need a break. I need a several month break from any training. I have been nonstop since the holidays and it is really taking it's toll.

When it comes to the break, I may or may not run. I just don't want any pressure or burn out. I want running to be about running, not about any races. Don't get me wrong though, I love running. I just feel like I have come to a point where I just want to run for the sake of running. No goals. No finish line.

Another plan for next year is more trail running. In fact, I want to hit the trail for the majority of my runs. I feel like I have run every road in Washington County, MD and I am over it. I just still continue running road for the time being because I still have road races coming up. I want to keep my body used to the pavement.

Anyway, what really makes me want to covert to trail came during my long run today. It was my first run on the AT that was over an hour. In fact, it was 3 hours long. Though I didn't get as far as I normally would have if I were on the road or canal, I had more satisfaction out of that run than any other during this training. The sights, the company, the challenges...

The AT is where to be! I even found myself able to talk to total strangers who were also JFK training. It was a great experience. In fact, I have every intention on taking a day off of work next year just to take a lone running excursion through the AT.

I think it's very possible that I could change my mind 100 times before May comes around, but at this moment, I feel great thinking that there is an end to training. At least for a few months. Until then, I have only an ultra, a half marathon, a marathon, and a couple of 5ks sprinkled in there.

Have you ever decided to take time off of racing? What did you find was beneficial from it?

Have you ever fully taken a vacation from running period? What did you do in the meantime to maintain fitness?

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