I Ran Into a Kitty...Literally

Yesterday's run was a first.

I went out for a long run in the afternoon (the hottest point of the day) and decided to take new route. As I reached the 5th mile, I saw what I first thought was a squirrel. I quickly found out it was a kitten with its back hunched and fur fluffed out in defense. The poor baby was no more than several weeks old.

I bent down to pet her and realized that this kitten looked as though she were ill. Her eyes and nose were running and could barely make an audible meow. Instantly, my heart melted. I decided to cut the run short and call Peter to pick us up.

When we arrived home with our house guest, we gave her a bath to help get the dirt off her fur and most importantly, get the gunk out of her eyes and nose.

We then fed her what cat food we had and some sliced turkey. She was in cat ecstasy and quickly fell into a food coma for several hours.

It has now been just over 24 hours since this precious little baby has joined our home and I cannot decide whether to keep her or give her to another family. I mean, there has been some intense bonding. She follows us anywhere we go in the house and has to be next to us when it is time to sleep.

 I cannot tell who's more attached though. I think it may be me...

What animals have you encountered on your run? 

Have you ever rescued an animal?

Should I keep the kitty or give her to another family?


  1. keep her! She will be your best friend and so thankful that you've saved her.

    1. We are! We already began buying her permanent kitty supplies.


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