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This past week, Sweat Pink gave me the opportunity to review Bulu Box! Bulu Box is a subscription service that provides "healthy discoveries" right to your door! Being a runner and a certified fitness trainer, I thought that this was right up my alley, so I was thrilled when I was chosen to receive a box to review!

My delivery came just last week and I was tickled just by seeing the box itself. Some of the quotes written on it were pretty nifty! Here was one of my favorites:

But that was just the beginning. I was excited to see what was inside.

The box contained 5 sample products:

1. 2 Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Protein Powder Pouches
2. Moveit Energy Infused Gummies
3. Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula
4. Mediterra Savory Bar with Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil
5. Earth's Care Anti-Itch Cream

    I never tried any of the products prior to receiving them in this box, nor have I heard of any. Still, I am always down for trying new things!

    The first item I tried was the Savory Bar. According to the packaging, this product is all natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher. I was happy to find that this was a quality product made of basic ingredients as well.

    When it comes to snack bars, I typically eat Powerbars, Nature Valley or Cliff Bars, all of which have a sweet taste to them. Knowing that this was made with tomatoes and basil, I had to keep an open mind.

    When I took my first bite, I paid attention to texture. It was chewy, but the cashews and pecans hidden within provided me with a satisfying crunch. The taste was mild. It wasn't overwhelming with spices like I initially thought it was going to be. This was good considering I am used to a sweeter snack. The basil definitely seemed to be the dominant flavor in the bar, but you did catch a hint of the tomato. YUM!

    Though this snack is out of my scope, I would have it again and be open to trying their other flavors!

    After enjoying my bar, I decided to wash it down with the Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula. This 15 calorie mixture is made with premium quality ingredients and appeared to be gluten free based on the ingredients (did not see it was certified on the label provided).

    I mixed the powder with water as instructed and noticed that some of it did not dissolve.

    I am not certain if this was intended or not, but I mixed it to the best of my ability.

    When I took my first sip, I was greeted with a very light orange flavor. It was not very citrus-y, but very tasty. As I made my way to the bottom of my cup, I found that all the undissolved contents sank. This resulted in a texture and thickness that I was not fond of. I had to chug the remaining to take the full serving.

    I did not notice any changes in digestion from taking this product and that may be from only having a single serving. It may be best to take regularly to reap the benefits. Still, I do not believe I would buy this product again based on texture alone. May be better mixed in a smoothie.

    This past Saturday, I tried my 3rd sample, the Moveit Energy Infused Gummies.

    I had a 22 mile run ahead of me, so I thought having this before heading out would be very beneficial. I received the berry flavored pack and these little morsels had smiley faces! What's better than eating happiness (one had a frown...wtf)? Ha!

    Anyway, I loved the taste. They were very fruity, but they did take some effort to chew. I am not certain I would eat these while running, but before or during a break should be fine!

    Maybe it was a coincidence, but I had an amazing run! I was supposed to do walking and running intervals, but ended up running the majority of it and under a 10 minute pace! For me, that is amazing!!! Especially for such a high mile run! I think I will definitely be ordering these gummies! Thanks, Bulu Box!!!

    On Sunday, I decided to try out the Quest Nutrition Peanut Butter Protein Powder.

    This product contains 23 grams of protein without all of the added sugar (each serving contains less than 1 gram! Whoa!). It is also soy and gluten free!

    Though you could just mix and make a shake out of it, I decided I would bake with it! The pouch says right on it "Great for baking" so I make waffles packed full of protein.

    I make enough waffles to last us a few days!

    The waffles were DELICIOUS! I am not going to lie, I think they may have been my best yet. What's even better about the powder sample is that I got TWO pouches! I can make the waffles again this weekend!

    I fully recommend this product and would definitely buy some of my own!

    My last item in the box was not a food item, but a topical ointment. It was an Anti-Itch Cream by Earth's Care.

    This was perfect for me. Since I frequent the trails, I am always getting eaten up my mosquitoes (I must be really sweet). I have received so many bug bites and find myself scratching the areas raw! I received one bite on my foot and lucky for me, had this anti-itch cream handy.

    The relief was immediate and I have not had to scratch since! So if you require a cream to give you temporary relief from poison ivy, sunburn, insect bites and then some, this cream would be great for you!

    To conclude, if you are a health and fitness nut,  someone looking to clean up your lifestyle, or one looking to add healthy discoveries to your life, you should definitely check out Bulu Box's subscription service. They do have a lot of great products that they provide to sample, but they are also available in full-sizes if you end up loving what you get.

    They also offer two different subscription types to cater to your needs (an Original and a Weight Loss Box) and different monthly options to satisfy your budget! You can also save more by using my coupon code SweatPink at checkout! This will give you 50% off your order (HUGE savings!) if you chose the 3 month option!

    Let me know if you decide to subscribe and what items from their site you would be most interested in!

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