Race Recap: On Your Mark, Get Set, GLOW 5K!

I must say that life has been nothing short of amazing. It's funny how stepping out of one perspective and into another can change what once was dark into a bright light.

The weight that once carved an indentation in my skull has been lifted and it is because of following one rule: Stay in the present. Whatever the future holds will come, whether you like it or not and whether you know it or not. There is no reason to waste precious time in the present anxiously waiting tomorrow. Enjoy now.

Our lives are full books and something you are stressed about could be a mere sentence. It WILL pass. Do not dwell and do not worry.

Anyway, that is my "feel good" message of the day. Now, on to my race recap!

On Friday night, Peter and I participated in the 2nd Annual Ready, Set, Glow 5k in Halfway Park in Hagerstown, MD. The race benefited Brook Lane, a non-profit organization that offers mental health services. Because I never participated in a night-time race (unless you consider Disney's early morning start time "night") nor one that offered glowy, black-light fun, I thought there were no reason to let this pass! Besides, it is really close to where I live. Can't say no to local races.

I dressed my best wearing my orange sling and green calf sleeves so they would look pretty gnarly on the black lit course. The race also provided a goody bag filled with a couple of glow sticks and a light up baton. I did wear the glow sticks, but I passed running with the baton.

Prior to the race, there were plenty of fun activities to take part in like corn hole, Frisbee, hula hooping, and face-painting. Peter and I played a few rounds of corn hole and the Chick-Fil-A cow even joined us for a round! He gave us coupons for a free Greek Yogurt Parfait. YUM!

As we approached start time, Peter and I grabbed our places and ended up near the front with the few super fast runners. I felt a little out of place, but I decided to take advantage of the front of the pack start.

Once the race started, the course guided us into a wooded area which was lined with luminaries, lanterns, and black lights.

I tried my best to trust the luminaries which lined the path, but I still felt some discomfort. Since the path was not well-lit, I was a bit nervous that I would trip. Especially when the strobe lights came into play! Also, some of the speed bumps on the main road were also not very visible. Thankfully, they did have a volunteer located at each bump to advise when to watch your step.

Peter and I stayed together for about the first half mile, but ended up separating. He later had said "You started at a 7 minute pace!" What can I say? My drive to compete kicked in and I knew that I was in the lead for women. I wanted to win. I know it would never go down in writing since the race was not timed, but if I could get first in any race, it was going to be this one. I wasn't going to give that opportunity up.

After a mile, another girl attempted to pass. She succeeded until we hit a later hill. I was able to catch her and never saw her again. Still, I worried she would pass me in the next 2 miles. I quickly became winded because competing at this pace was not something I was training for. I almost contemplated on walking for a moment as my stomach was in knots. But I pressed on knowing I could win.

When I approached the finish line, I had to ask the race volunteers if it was the end. The finish was not lit up and there were barely any people around. It was a little disappointing that they didn't have something a bit more celebratory. Once you finished, you just walked off to the side and that was it.

I went back to look for Peter and he was a few minutes behind. Apparently he took a wrong turn and ran more than he was supposed to. No harm! It was all in good fun! :)

So, the big question: Would I do this race again? As a competitive runner, I am going to say no. If you want to run for time or a PR, this race is not for you. You will be running through walkers and have a hard time seeing where you are going without proper lighting. If you want something more low-key, then I would definitely recommend this. Definitely something the whole family could enjoy! Also, the race is held for a good cause and that never hurt anyone!

Anyway, tomorrow I have another 5k which is the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally. I tend to do well every year, especially when free donuts are at the finish! So wish me luck and I will tell you all about it!


  1. Congrats on your win! Enjoy the donuts tomorrow and eat one for me! :)

    1. Thanks! I enjoyed a creme-filled donut for the both of us :-D


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