Haircuts & a Humbling Trail Run

This weekend was a kick back. Since I did 22 miles the previous week, I settled back with 14 this past Saturday. It may have been a beautiful morning, but I just wasn't feeling this run. I did manage to finish time, however.

Later that day, I decided to make a big change to my appearance.

I feel like I have been making progress in improving certain aspects in my life and needed to have a change in appearance to match. So snip snip! Off with her hair!!!
My hair hasn't been this short since 2002.

Didn't I look dazzling in my freshmen photo?

The next day was Peter's long run day and it was my idea that we take it to the Appalachian Trail. It was going to be hot that day so sticking to the shade would do us both some good.

I let Peter own this session since it was his last long run before the Mad Anthony Half on September 12th. I thought letting him chose the pace would be the courteous thing to do so he could train as his body needed to prior to the race.

Since Peter typically runs at a slower speed than I do, I assumed that this would be a great recovery run from the day prior. I was ready to run lazily through nature and enjoy the sights. Unfortunately, Peter had a different agenda.

Within 30 seconds, my husband was already gaining distance. He was sailing over roots and rocks and flying up the hills we typically walked.

I can't even fully describe what I felt as I watched him pull ahead of me and out of sight. My ego was punctured and I was frustrated that I could not keep up. I wanted to be angry at him, but I couldn't bring myself to feel the emotion. This was my husband and I should have been proud of him. I just had a difficult time accepting the reality.

For the 2 years Peter has been running, I was always the fastest and the one who ran the longer distances. Yet, on this day, I was now realizing that he was the better trail runner. I have been the one holding him back.

We set out to do 50 minutes out and 50 minutes back. Since Peter got ahead, I turned around in a different area. I yelled out that I was going back and within minutes he had caught up with me, showing me his battle wounds with pride.

Although part of me wanted to be like "Well, that's what you get when you run too fast on the trail," I just admitted that he was stronger than me on this aspect. I am truly glad that he found his running niche.

I guess there's a time in everyone's life that someone close to you will show you up in the thing  you thought you were the best at. Whether it is with your husband, wife, sister, brother or friend. One day, you will have to swallow your ego and celebrate their accomplishments.

Have you ever made some dramatic changes with your looks?

Have you ever been shown up by someone close to you? How did it make you feel?

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