Random Wednesday

I am a bit on the random side lately, so here's just a little bit of what I've been up to lately!

  • I have been waking up at 5 o'clock in the morning in order to have enough time to yoga and meditation. At first it was very difficult to adapt to the early mornings, but now I look forward to spending my morning to this practice. It wakes me up, eases my mind, and starts my day out right!

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  • I have been striving to remove/reduce any negative energy in my life. I have been reading books on the Laws of Attraction which, in short, advises that the energy that you put into the universe, will influence what goes on around you. For example, if I am more of a positive person, I will receive that positivity back in some form from the universe. If I am negative, I will only attract more negativity from my surroundings. Books like The Secret or Rays of the Dawn detail the Laws of Attraction and how negative emotions and thoughts are toxic to our lives.
  • I am going to try Aromatherapy. I want to get specific oils that will calm my stressed out brain. I think it will be very beneficial in keeping a more positive aura. I ordered from a DoTERRA rep and bought the Balance and Serenity. I'll let you know how that plays out for me.
  • To me, trail running is the definition of what running SHOULD be. You must throw all expectations out the window because you won't be running as far or as fast as what you would be on the road. Trail running, though challenging and physically taxing, is almost easier than runs on the road. Your mind is forced to remain in the present rather than what happened earlier in the run or what may happen in the future. If you allow your mind to wander, you may easily forget that next rock and injure yourself. Scott Jurek said it himself: We move forward, but we must stay in the present." If you focus on the end or how far you have until the end, you may find that a run is less enjoyable and more physically demanding.

  • Speaking of Scott Jurek, read Eat & Run. It is the one book all runners should own. I feel that it offers a lot of useful tips to bring on your next run!

  • I have been trying a lot of new receipes this last week. I bought the Runner's World Cookbook and nearly every receipe title makes me salvate. I have already made the Meat Loaf, Kale-Almond Pesto, the Spinach, Bacon, and Sweet Potato Salad, Chickpea Pesto Tomato Soup, and the Marinated Grilled Chicken. So far, no disappointments! Next up will be making the Spiced Quinoa for my breakfast.

  • I am doing my first glow run this Friday. I don't often partake in 5ks, but I have a couple lined up this month. This weekend is the "On Your Mark, Get Set, Glow 5k" near my parent's. Next weekend is the Krumpe's Donut Alley Rally. It's hard to turn down free donuts. It's the only one I have every year.

  • I have been practicing breathing through my nose instead of my mouth while running. I never thought how soothing it is to have such focus on the breath while running.
So there you have it! The randomness of my life right now! I will definitely be elaborating on some of these soon! But for now, I want your input on some of the above!

How do you start out your day? Do you work out? Sleep in? Do Yoga? Tell me!

Do you believe in the Laws of Attraction? 

Have you ever tried aromatherapy?

What are some good books about running?

Any good recipes you have tried lately?

Are you a nose or mouth breather?

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