Race Recap: Krumpe's Do-nut Alley Rally 5K

This is going to be a very basic recap as I have zero pictures of the event. I forgot my race belt and was opposed to carrying my cell phone in hand. But, because the Krumpe's Do-nut Alley Rally is a HUGE 5K event in Hagerstown, I feel that regardless of having pictures, it deserves a post in my blog!

First, let me talk about Krumpe's Do-nuts (or more so show you the delicious do-nuts that are born in this shop).

Photos from the Krumpe's Do-Nut Facebook
It is not uncommon that you will see a line of locals standing on Do-Nut Alley as they anxiously wait outside the shop to place their order.

Photos from the Krumpe's Do-Nut Facebook

As you approach the line yourself, you will be greeted with the tantalizing smell of fresh dough being fried. You may wonder if you are absorbing calories with each breath, but your taste buds are already in overdrive and your mouth begins to salivate. Calories are now the last thing on your mind.

Photos from the Krumpe's Do-Nut Facebook

You then begin to recall your last Krumpe's Do-nut. Each bite is soft and warm as it melts in your mouth. It doesn't matter if you chose creme-filled, glazed, or a twist. They all offer the same pleasure and satisfaction. You WILL come back for more, whether in a week, a month, or like me, a year.

Whenever I attend the Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally, I go with the intention of having their creme-filled, powdered do-nut. If I am going to eat a do-nut, I am going to go ALL OUT. It makes running the 5K well-worth it.

So, on to the recap!

This year, I had little idea if I wanted to run for time or for fun. Because I have been training for the ultra, I have had little to no concern of pace. I knew that for this 5k, I was not going to have a PR and I was okay with that. I mean, it is always fun to get an age group award, but I was okay with letting my competitiveness slide this time. Still, it didn't mean that I did not want to do really well, hence why I was on the fence if I wanted to push it or hold back.

When Peter and I were at the start, I joked about letting him win. It wasn't until the gun went off and Peter shot off in front of me that I wondered if this was the first race he would beat me in. As I watched him separate from me, I found that I was okay with it. I mean, he and I are at two different ends of the training spectrum. He is training for his second half marathon and I am training for my first ultra. Training varies...heavily.

Peter looked back for me when he realized I was not with him. I think he was also surprised that he left me in the dust. I wish he hadn't turned around because I feel that it slowed him down. I ended up catching him and we exchanged a quick hello and goodbye as I passed by.

Photo from the 2013 Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally

During the race, I made a mental note to not look at my watch. I did not want to track my pace and guilt myself for not meeting a certain time. My goal was to focus on what my body wanted to do. Still, like all of my races, I pushed. And I pushed hard. Harder than I trained to do. Hard enough to make myself want to vomit by the halfway point.

It was hot and muggy like it always is in August. But I still come back every year. All because of that damn creme-filled do-nut. Sure, I don't need to run like the wind to get the free do-nut. In fact, I don't have to run at all to get the free do-nut. The victory tastes better when I race and race hard for that do-nut.

As I approached the final stretch, the devil on my left shoulder told me to walk. The angel on my right told me to push through since I had less than a quarter mile to go. I listened to the angel and sprinted across that finish line with a time of 24:53.

Photo from the 2014 Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally
I immediately went into cheerleader mode. I wanted to crash. I wanted to fall on the ground and sink into the earth, but I knew my husband was not far behind. I screamed, yelled, and cheered for the finishers as they passed while keeping an eye at the top of the hill for my love. He barreled down around minute 28.

Photo from the 2014 Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally
It seemed we, as well as many of our other runner-friends, were in the same boat: Exhausted, hot, and uncomfortable. Most importantly, we were DONE and we earned our finisher's medal: The Krumpe's Do-Nut. I located my creme-filled prize and savored every crumb. The powdered sugar covered my lips when I bit into the dough and the creme squeezed out of the sides. It was messy and I probably looked far from lady-like but...YUMMMMM! Mouth-gasm.

Photo from the 2013 Krumpe's Do-Nut Alley Rally

Though the weather is always more than I can handle, I generally enjoy the Krumpe's 5K which is why I have participated in it for 3 years now. Unfortunately, I will be passing on this race next year. For those of you who have read my past posts, I plan on taking time off next year. I plan on having several months away from races and training. I need to run to run again, reconnect with the love of it. However, that doesn't mean I won't come to spectate. Especially if my husband still decides to participate.

So if you are ever in Hagerstown in August, I recommend you participate in the Krumpe's 5K. If you are in Hagerstown and it is not August, FIND KRUMPE'S DO-NUTS and buy every do-nut they offer. You will not be sorry!!!

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