12 Things Tuesday

  1. This week has been leftover week, which is now my favorite! I don't have to cook or meal plan/prep! Saves me so much time during the week!!!

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  2. I just know noticed that my lower back sags when I do planks/push-ups. I guess it's best that I noticed this now rather than later! I've been working to correct it and phew...it takes some work!
  3. Speaking of planks, I've been participating in a month-long plank challenge. Even after correcting my saggy back, I got 4:10 in today!!!
  4. Plyo Push-ups are INSANE. Today was the first day I could actually do them during Eccentric Upper.

  5. I finally got around to ordering my first round of Shakeology. I have needed something like this in my life for sometime, but have put it off. I decided it cannot wait any longer with the muscle work I've been cranking these past 45 days.
  6. It's been far too long since I successfully finished a book (Born to Run just this last summer). Finally finishing up The Hobbit tonight!
  7. On the subject of books, I recommend you read The Slight Edge. I have almost finished this up as well. It has overall made me strive to be a better person.

  8. I'm still on my yoga streak. I started doing Yoga with Adriene's Reboot, which I LOVE!
  9. Meditation has re-entered my life. I only do 5 minutes a day, but that's 5 minutes where I can clear my mind and fully relax. Every one deserves at least 5 minutes of that!
  10. I love looking at real estate lately. I cannot wait until I am seriously house shopping again. For now, I'm just keeping in mind which places I like.
  11. I am obsessed with Pinterest again. I've been building a vision board and I have about 983794872 different visions of my home. Wonder how I will integrate them?

  12. I recommend you watch this Ted Talks about happiness. I have been integrating the 5 Habits into my daily routine and I'm already feeling the changes.

Tell me something random about your Tuesday!

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