We're Still On!!!

Phase 1 of my workout plan is behind me! That means I have new workouts to accomplish in the weeks ahead! But I will get to that tomorrow. Until then, let's rewind right now to Saturday!

I went out for an 18 mile run without a pre-planned route. I figured I have traveled the area enough to know exactly where to go and about the distance each road is. Yet, when I set out on my journey, I wasn't even certain if I was going to make it through my anticipated mileage, but, I set out on the road to see what I was capable of!

This long run weekend was very important to both Peter and me. It would ultimately be the run that decided if we would run the Rock N Roll USA Marathon or hang back for another. If Peter could get through his long run of 15 miles, that means it would be realistic for us to compete in the marathon. I went ahead and went out for my long run on Saturday without him since we have conflicting schedules when it comes to long runs. Though there was the chance that Peter wouldn't complete his 15 miler, I acted as though he had already mastered his mileage.

I had several ups and downs (times I wanted to quit, times I pushed through), but my heart pushed me out to Dam #4 Road around mile 7-8. I ran a lick of the JFK 50 route (the last rolling hills section where everyone is just ready to be done). It brought back some of those memories of wanting to give up, but my heart felt full. Although those last miles were strenuous and painful, I was overwhelmed with joyous emotion. It reminded me that I am stronger than I know and it was those memories that pushed me through this run...all the way to the JFK 50 finish line.

I took a brief break there and ate some nuts to get my energy back. After that, I only had about 3 more miles left until I hit 18. I decided to head towards my parent's who are not far from the area. When I hit their street, I did end up walking a lot of the hills, but despite the slow down, I still finished under 3 hours. Goal accomplished.

The run really exhausted me and Sunday's run did not go as anticipated. Typically, I have been doing 10Ks on Sunday, but yesterday, I only did 5 and walked all hills. I tagged along with Peter for the first few miles of his 15 miler, then turned around. Although my time was slow for me, I was not unhappy. I did it and that's what mattered.

Back to Peter. Believe it or not, after 2 weeks of missing his long runs and a week off of running for bronchitis, Peter managed to get 15 miles in. I was thrilled for him! So it looks like we are still on for the marathon afterall! Proud wife moment.

Of course his perseverance reminded me of myself. He is too stubborn to quit. Even if it hurts. :)

This week I am taking it down in mileage, but I will update you on my workout agenda tomorrow! I also have a kick ass food plan in store for those of you who'd like to steal some recipes! Check back tomorrow for the details! :)

Do you run without a route in mind?

Do you run routes of races to help motivate you?

What's the longest you've been able to run after an extended time off? What pushed you through?


  1. Congrats on your successful long run, and on Peter's as well! How exciting that you're going to be running the marathon together.

    1. I am really looking forward to it! I am so thankful to have a husband that loves to run as well!


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