A Hiccup That I WILL Overcome

So I wanted to share with you guys that I did something really scary today. You ready for it?

I counted calories!

Many of you know how anti-calorie counting I am, but I thought it was time to quality check myself since I have drastically cleaned up my diet.

Over the course of the past 8-9 weeks, I reduced my added sugars about 95% and have taken the time to incorporate a variety of ingredients that I have never included in my meals. So I was proud of myself for taking this HUGE step in bettering my nutrition.

BUT, over the past 2 weeks, the changes in my body have worried me. The muscle tone I was getting started to fade a little and I wondered "Is it fat? Is it water weight? Did I eat something that made me bloat?" I don't feel bloated or fatty. I even took my fat percentage recently and was on the low side. So I started drinking more water to help alleviate what I thought could have been bloat, but I was already drinking about 100 oz a day! My pee was not the color of lemonade, it was WATER!

Today, I decided it was time to analyze my intake. I wrote down everything I’ve had from the past few days. I was proud to see that I was very dynamic in my choices and I was doing well with incorporating protein, veggies, and healthy fats into my meals. But, I was absolutely shocked when I saw my calorie intake. I was positive I was going to be well over 2,000 calories, but I was way off! It was anywhere from 500-1000 calories LOWER than what I should eat to build muscle.

How could this be?! I would eat and feel stuffed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then eat my snacks in between. Yet, I was constantly catching myself sneaking nuts outside of those meal times.

It made me feel gluttonous and I blamed that on what was going on. Little did I know, the problem with my disappearing muscle tone was because I wasn't taking in enough!!! 

I’m hungry and I'm not feeding my muscles like I should. This whole time I thought I was just having uncontrollable urges to stuff my face. Although I surely love to eat, it’s not because I'm a glutton, it’s because I legit NEED the food.

Honestly, this is a really sensitive subject for me. After dealing with an eating disorder several years ago, knowing that I need to eat more triggers my ED mind.

I do love food and understanding that I need to eat more should be something that makes me dance with joy! Yet, it freaks the old me out! Saying I need to eat more makes my ED brain say “You’re going to get fat, not toned. Don’t do it!”

After reading a couple of personal development books this year, I know that I need to leave those toxic thoughts behind and trust myself, but my relationship with food was a 20+ year long struggle (anorexia and bulimia polluted 2-3 years of it) and sometimes still is. Still, I just really need to suck it up and get over it. All the books say it. 

Simply speaking, my body needs the nutrition if I want to reach my goals. Calorie restriction...though I'm not trying...is not helping.

It's just a new challenge I will have to overcome!

Have you ever taken in too little calories without trying?

Do you track your food intake?

Have you ever tried using the 21 Day Fit Portion containers?

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