Thirteen Things Thursday

  1. Stress has really been that friend who has overstayed their welcome. You just want them to leave, but they just want to keep bothering you.
  2. I have been working really hard at eating clean and although I am succeeding (more than I thought I would), I found out that I am probably not taking in enough calories. Back to the drawing board.
  3. My sweet potato chili looked nothing like the picture.

  4. I wake up feeling more confident in my body every day. I wish that selfies in your underwear were widely accepted instead of being thought as revealing, slutty, or indecent. I always think what would my mother would say as well!
  5. Speaking of selfies, I was feeling myself today.

  6. I am trying to read more. I started the Hobbit earlier this week and am already halfway through.

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  7. I also decided to read personal development books. My first is The Slight Edge. Liking it so far.

  8. I am not looking forward to my 18 miler this weekend. I mean, let's be honest, running isn't easy.
  9. Since I finish Phase I of P90X3 this weekend, I am going to reward myself with dark chocolate. And I mean SUPER DARK chocolate. The less sugar, the better.
  10. I am thinking about signing up for Adriene's streaming yoga service. I love her and I want to do her workouts on a daily basis. I want aspire to be her.

  11. I decided to do my first running errand. I ran to the gas station, taking the long way, to buy tampons. If anyone would have seen what I was carrying as I ran, I am pretty certain it would be quite comical.

  12. I started using my Mac's calendar to commit to my life goals. I have filled it up with running, yoga, and other fitness blocks. I've also made time for power hours and personal development.
  13. Speaking of life goals...I won't dive into them now (that's it's own post), but here's a snippet of one. One goal involves where I will be a year from now. After our Disney trip, I WILL be living a life that is closer to my dreams. That's why I am working my ass off now! When our Disney trip is over, I won't be dreading the thought of coming home. I will be excited about it because a new adventure awaits!

Have you ever unknowingly ate LESS calories than what you should have been (I know! How could this happen!?)

Do you take underwear selfies?

What books are you reading?

What are some of your LIFE goals?

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