10 Things NOT Health or Fitness

Well, it's been a while, hasn't it!

I have been putting a lot of my time and effort into my workouts, meal planning, health & fitness coaching, and personal development. I have been a determined lady to say the very least. But I want to take a time out from all of that and actually discuss my real life! I feel like every time I blog, I primarily talk about health and fitness, but never talk about what else I do with my life.

Well, here's a few things about me that you may or may not have known that have nothing to do with health and fitness!

  1. I love going for car rides. It was something my husband and I used to do quite frequently. Though we both have become very busy, we have managed to take rides every now and then. We never have a destination, we just like to be away from home and our technology to just be with each other. There's something nice about it. Almost stress relieving.
  2. We have a dog! I know I have mentioned her maybe once on here, but we did get another dog! After Alpha passed away a couple of years ago, we finally brought Beta into our family this past October. We literally picked her up after our trip to Tennessee. She's been quite the handful, but she has rounded out our family very well!

  3. I want to finish my book! Blogging isn't my only means of writing. For years, I have been trying to complete a memoir, which is always put on hold. One day, I know it will be finished, even if my eyes are the only ones which read it.
  4. I really miss going to college and I want to finish my degree so much. Other things have taken a priority at this time, but if I work hard at those current priorities, they should open up time in my future to finally see that degree on my wall.
  5. I love reading personal development books. Though I have really only dived into it last month, I can't imagine a day going by where I don't learn something new about myself or how to improve the quality of my life. Currently, I am reading "You Are a Badass."

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  7. I look at realtor.com once a day. I love looking for my dream home! You can find all my recent pins here.
  8. Speaking of realtor.com, I recently came across the show "Property Brothers" on Netflix and now I feel like I must flip my own home. I wish those guys would come to my area and help us out!!!
  9. I am HUGE into my personal finances.I track my money every day and am so strict with it. I have to know where every penny is going and if there's not a certain amount in the bank, I will have a fit! I also try to save back money everytime I am paid. Not for anything in particular...just for whatever may come my way!
  10. Leggings and flowy shirts have been my outfits of choice. Except for when it is brutally cold out. So much comfort! Once you go to leggings, it's really hard to wear jeans again. Then, once I get home from work, I change into a sports bra and hoodie. I don't care how I look, I just long for comfort right now!

  11. I am such a Disney fan! We recently signed up for the Disney Movie Club and bought dozens of movies so far! Then we basically binge watch them multiple times! Recently we've been watching Saving Mr. Banks, Wreck It Ralph, the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean, Mary Poppins...and then some!!!

So there's a few things about me! Now I want to hear the non-health and fitness things about yourself! Name as many as you'd like!

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  1. I'm a bit of a financial need too. Check out Dave Ramsey. I learned of his from another fitness blogger actually. The simplified version of his plan is: live on a budget, spend less than you make, pay off all debt, never go into debt, and give/save/spend. Listen to his podcasts to learn a little more.


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