Braving the Cold

I did it! I managed to brave the 18 degree weather! Sure, it was still only 5 miles, but I was proud I made it through. This happened to be my coldest run to date…and oddly, I felt warmer in this run than I have in 30 degree weather. Though, I did layer to the extreme. I wore my mock top under a long sleeved shirt with a light jacket. I wore my 3.0 Base bottoms from Under Armour over my compression socks. Then, I broke out my Under Armour Hood so my entire face, with exception of my eyes, of course, were covered. I topped it off with my knit cap.

Work Me & Night Runner Me

This was the first time I wore my face cover and although it was amazingly warm, I really had a difficult time breathing with it. Many times, I had to pull the bottom down to get some good breaths in. It didn’t help that my nose was runny either. However, I would have probably been miserable without it. So I ultimately do recommend it in colder temperatures. What do you wear to stay warm when running?


Do you have any trouble with eating habits? I’ve recently been frustrated with my mine. I feel like I’m getting sloppy to a degree. I’m definitely doing better this winter than any other. I’ve not gained any weight [actually lost a few pounds], I have control over what we keep in our refrigerator and pantry [recently moved out of my parents], and I rarely buy many sweets or unhealthy snacks…BUT I feel like I could do more. I don’t think I’m getting a lot of variety. We are definitely on a budget and I can only cook homemade meals about once or twice a week. We live off the left overs for an additional meal or two, but then we switch between sandwiches, wraps, salads, frozen lean cuisines & pizzas, and soups. Sides vary from canned veggies, fresh fruit, or yogurt. I wish I had more money to contribute to food so we are not repeating. What’s your budget on food? Do you plan for a week? Do you often repeat meals?

Speaking of food, I am making banana chips right now. I really hope they turn out. Attempt one a few weeks ago was a complete fail [thanks, Pinterest!].

Here’s what mine look like now…

Are they supposed to look this…good?

Wish me luck!
See you tomorrow!

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