Motivation and Half Marathons

I’ve not had any motivation to run since Saturday and it’s surprising to me that I’ve actually run every day since. The only drive I have is regret. If I’d skip a run, I would most likely put myself down for being a lazy, no-good fat arse. I hope that this passes. I’m coming up on my year anniversary of running. It would be awful if I slacked off now. How do you stay motivated? Do you have to stick to a specific running schedule?

However, I have had the urge to sign up for several half marathons. Maybe this would boost my running spark. I’ve been contemplating a local 5k, but I may just save the money for my first half. I originally planned my first half to be in October, when Hershey park had theirs, but I’ve been running 13.1 or more almost every weekend. I think I’m ready to do this officially. I was leaning towards the Frederick Running Festival. Though, I’m still undecided. Money is ultimately the deciding factor. However, if I wait too long, prices will go up. Who wants to buy my way and make up my mind? :o) Do race costs decide if you’re going to participate?

Anyway, on to a humiliating incident…


I bought a mandolin slicer this weekend and wondered why I never owned one before! I didn’t realize how amazing they truly were until I bought mine with my Kohl’s cash! Knives just don’t cut it anymore. Hardy har har.

Well, I thought I’d use it to cut some carrots tonight and what do you know, the tip top of my index finger was gone in an instant. It didn’t look too bad at first, but when I looked at it at eye level, the flat top had me a tad worried. And the blood. My boyfriend helped me gauze it up and it didn’t take long for the blood to soak through. What was worse was cleaning the slicer and finding the tip. *shiver*

I think I’ll tolerate a cutting knife a bit longer until I work up the courage to use the mandolin again.

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