The Dreaded Treadmill! And My New Goodies!

I must hate snow more than I hate the treadmill. When I woke up on Saturday there were still some flurries, so I knew the canal was covered (or as muddy as it was the time ATVs traveled it). I went to Planet Fitness, a place I’ve not set foot in for about 6 months. Words cannot describe how much I hate treadmill running. I will only go there as a last resort. If I can’t run due to intense heat, cold, or any other extreme weather condition, I will bite my tongue and run the dreadmill. No form of entertainment that the gym offers makes running as enjoyable as doing it outside. And the people there are another story. What do you do on the dreadmill to make a run more enjoyable?

Anyway, I did my 7 miles as I usually do on Saturdays and today, I settled for 12 miles. I didn’t do the treadmill though. I went to dear ol’ mom and dad’s and ran around the neighborhood for 2 hours since roads were clear. My heart truly wanted to go further, but my body was telling me otherwise. So I listened for once and took it easy. Been lounging ever since. Are you ever able to give up some miles or take a rest day when your body needs it? Or do you push yourself to go the distance?

While resting, I decided to do some MAJOR shopping with my future tax return (I always spend the money before they actually hand it over). I spent over an hour deciding on 2 pairs of running shoes. When I couldn’t make a decision, I bought 3. Two pairs of Brook’s and a pair of Asics. I was going to get a pair of Nike Lunarglide’s…I would have loved to have another pair of what I currently have, but I took a dive into some other brands. I’m hoping for the best. If not, I guess I’ll just have to buy another pair. ;-)
 What is your favorite brand of running shoe?

I bought some Under Amour running capris since I’ve yet to own a pair. The temperature is supposed to reach 60 this week, so I’m hoping I’ll receive them prior. After the temp spike, it is supposed to drop again. That means I also needed a new pair of gloves. I just can’t tolerate my liners anymore on these cold nights. They were great in the fall, but they don’t do a thing in the winter.

I rounded out my order with SPIbelt and a Runner’s World Calendar. I’ve heard great things about the belt, so I’m giving it a shot. My last belt was a fail since it wouldn’t stay in place. They claim that a SPIbelt doesn’t bounce. Also, it would be great to carry my cell phone for once. Or a snack…

Once I get everything, I will be happy to post pics of my goodies then! I just thought I’d share now my amazing shopping list. Sorry to bore you. ;-)

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