Rain, Rain, That's Okay, I Will Run In It Today

Like yesterday, the temperature outside was fabulous. Yet, there was the issue of the torrential downpour, but I said “screw it!” I ran my full route! I’ve run in the rain before (worst being in Hurricane Sandy), but this was the first time I thought my iPod could have died from water damage. It lives though! My 1st Gen Touch has gone through so much and for only $35, I think I got a invincible mp3 player! This thing will last forever…*knocks on wood*

I was soaked within minutes, but I literally laughed about it. People drove by probably looking at me like I was crazy, but I could’ve cared less. I was having a blast! Some people even went out of their way to try and splash me. Didn’t matter much, I couldn’t have been more wet than what I already was.

When I arrived home, I had to strip down at the door so I didn’t leave puddles through the house. Ah, such an amazing run!

Once I dried off and ate dinner, it was like Christmas! Some of my orders from Amazon arrived…

Got my Asics, SPIbelt, and my Runner’s World Calendar! I already tested out the SPIbelt because I had to know if it would a) fit my phone, and b) NOT bounce. It passed the test! Can’t wait to take it on a long run! I will be able to finally take pictures of my route!

I’m holding off on trying the shoes on because my ankles hurt really bad right now. I thought trying on the shoes with this pain would not leave a good first impression. I’ll break them in this weekend. I tried rolling my legs to help relieve some tension for now, but I’ve resorted to ice and some anti inflammatory pills.

I’m hoping the pain will subside on my next 2 rest days! Then I’ll be up and moving for a long run on Saturday :)

Have a good rest of your week, runners!

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