Longer Distance, Lovely Weather

The weather was amazing today! See cheesy thermometer shot below!


I hadn’t been this amped for an after-work run in forever! I hurried home because every last second of extra sunlight was important. Though, I was held up when I started putting on my clothes. I contemplated short sleeves and long sleeves for a few minutes before I opted for the long. I thought the temperature would drop a bit once the sun went down. Five minutes in to the run…I regretted my clothing choice. I began sweating quick.

I must say, I suck at dressing myself for the weather. I’m either too hot or too cold. The temperatures also fluctuate so much here that it makes it that much more difficult to plan a decent running outfit. It’s been a few months since I was really comfortable. Can’t wait till I’m just able to stick with shorts and a sports bra. Do you have a running outfit preference?

I did an extra mile more than what I normally do during the week, regardless of my sweating. It felt so good to go that much further! It’s only going to get progressively longer as the days go on. Can’t wait! Well…until it’s July and I’m complaining it’s too hot. I don’t even wanna think about that yet. Gingers don’t do so well in the heat. What’s your favorite time of the year to run?

Anyway, since the move to our new home last month, I’ve not seen a single runner on my route. Today, I saw 2. At first, I felt a little superior to them, even though I’m the “new” person in the neighborhood. Where were they in the 20 degree weather? But then, I was wondering their distances, their pace, and if they’d be people I could actually run with or at least talk my head off to about it. I really need more running buddies, people that understand my obsession. I’m already trying to get my boyfriend, Peter, to run with me on my rest days. It would be a dream for him and I to run side by side! :-) Do you have a running buddy or someone to share your obsession with?

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