Cold Weather and The RAVENS!

I am excited to say,
…And I got to break out the purple leg warmers…


The 3 days I run during the work week are my least favorite. I think it’s more so due to the shortened days of winter. I’m rushed home from work and hurried to throw on my running gear just to avoid running too long in the dark. I am not a fan of night running. If it were warmer, it probably wouldn’t be so bad. I would most likely love running nights in the summer to avoid high temps. But as of now, it’s cold and I’m miserable.

I keep my distances short. I do 5 miles, nothing more or less. Prior to the time change, I was running longer during the week. I wish I still could. Though, I do try making up for my short distances by running for hours on the weekends. Can’t wait for the clocks to change. Still, it doesn’t rid me of the freezing temperatures. Does cold weather/daylight savings affect your distances or running schedule?

Since I began night running this winter, here is an annoyance I deal with…


See how my fingers fade to white near the middle? It’s really getting old. The last thing I should do is self-diagnose, but I think it’s Raynaud’s Phenomenon. When my hands and toes get like this, the only thing I can do to get the circulation to return is putting them under hot water. It can get painful from time to time. So I think a doctors appointment may be necessary to know for sure. Do you have Raynaud’s Phenomenon or any circulation issues?

I’m sure tomorrow my whole hand will be white. With a high of 18 during the day and a low of 9 degrees at night, I can’t imagine that my circulation will improve, but here’s to toughing it out and running anyway because we, as runners, can’t survive a long without it :)

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