Happy Birthday Steve!

Just a warning, this post is going to be a personal story I wanted to share with you, far from the subject of running. Today is a very important day to me and I thought I would explain the reason why.

Today is Stephen Manley's 26th birthday.

Stephen's 21st birthday, September 20th 2008

Who is this Steve, you may ask? I have never mentioned him before, I know, so most of you have no idea what makes his birthday so special. Well, Steve was a dear friend and former boyfriend of mine, who was taken from this world way too early.

But let me start from the beginning...

In December of 2003 (nearly 10 years ago...wow!), I was first introduced to Steve in the high school library during a "Get To Know Your Classmates" activity.  He was the "new kid" in school, so naturally, I was drawn to this individual. It felt that any time there was a new student in Williamsport, every one was fascinated. Small town, BIG news.

However, this instance was quite different for me. I was typically shy. I rarely left my group of friends and stayed in my bubble. So if someone new was introduced, I never made the effort to know them, unless they initiated it. This time, I found myself drawn to him physically & emotionally. I had to talk to him. Something about him just made me tick. I was told it was just a typical teenage crush, but I never found myself so devoted to one person in my entire existence.

Steve and I after his Christmas Show-Choir Performance, December 2005.

Unfortunately, Steve did not return the same feelings...at first. We stayed friends for a few years; however my feelings for him never really changed.  I just hoped that one day, he would realize I was the girl for him.

To make a truly long story short, my wish came true at the beginning of 2007 and I was the happiest girl in the world.

We barely spent a moment apart. Steve and I worked at the same company, we devoted our evenings and weekends to each other, we even started to consider renting a place together. Nothing seemed as if it could come between us...

Then came the worst day of my life.

On October 29th 2008, I received news that Steve was in a car accident and killed on impact. I felt my world fall apart. For 5 years, I knew exactly what I had wanted in life and it was him. When he was abruptly taken from me, my life felt as if it no longer had purpose.

It took a couple of years for me to recover from the grief his death had caused. It was in that time frame I actually began to pick up on running before my back said "no more" for quite some time. I just wanted to devote my time and energy to something that would show results. I did not want to waste it crying anymore.

Although his death is still considered a tragedy, I have become a stronger person from it and have learned so much about my own life in his death. I took the lemons I was given and made some Lynchburg Lemonade. :o)

Nearly five years has passed since he left us and I feel that I am more accepting of it with every passing day. I will always consider Steve a great influence on the person I am today and will always have a special place in my heart for him.

Tattoo I got of Steve's guitar on my back

Have you ever lost a significant other? 

When you have lost someone close, did you find "good" in the situation to help get you through the grieving process? 

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