Running with Friends

A little over a month ago, I acquired my very first running partner.

Future running outfit?

I reached out to my good friend, Ashley to help keep me going when my motivation began to deplete. Running was extremely difficult post-surgery. I questioned if I would be able to resume what I considered "normal" for me.

Around the same time, Ashley was progressively increasing her mileage and I thought it would be perfect to run with her. Ashley's desire was contagious and it definitely rubbed off on me. Especially when I found running to be very difficult after my surgery. 

At first, I was not sure if I would enjoy having a running partner. I have always been open to being accompanied by another, but I was not sure if putting me with another runner would create a competitive atmosphere and if it would negatively impact my progression.

Definitely not the case! I found having a partner to have more pros than cons! Here's just a few...

Goodbye Ear Buds!
First, I found removing the electronics from my ears quite similar to cutting a leash. Prior to running with Ashley, I could count the times I went without my iPod on one hand. It was an absolute necessity to have 90s boy band music blasting in my ear drums. Obviously when you have a partner, you want to do away with the Justin Timberlake music so you can talk to your friend about Justin Timberlake. ;o)

Since I have started running with Ashley, I find myself  sacrificing the iPod on some of my loner runs and it is just as enjoyable without the music.

Done Already!?
Second, I LOVE how time flies on the runs with Ashley! We can talk about a thousand things and before you know it, there is the car to greet us.

I feel like I could go for another mile  at times and it we have done that, too! Just this past Thursday, we planned for 5 miles and ended up doing 6, Ashley's longest distance! Woo!

Comparing Notes.
I love talking about running while I am running. Ashley and I talk about our frequent routes, shoes, injuries, and eating habits. Some of what Ashley does, I may not do, or vice versa, but I think it is beneficial to hear/tell what an individual does on their own runs. Something I may say to Ashley, she may consider doing herself. Ashley may have a running habit that works for her, that I could incorporate in my workout.

Those three things alone, I find reason enough to have a running partner once in a while. I do encourage loner runs, simply because you have your own goals to achieve, but running with another can have plenty of benefits as well. Give it a try!!

Do you occasionally run with another?

Do you like running with a partner or would you rather be alone on all runs?

What do you find beneficial from running with another?

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