Mad Anthony Half Marathon Race Recap

Greetings, runners!

I have been looking forward to this time of year for quite sometime! I can open the windows, air out the house and not have to worry about the house heating up to 90+ degrees. The smell of our beloved Alpha does not have to linger any further. :o)

Anyway, yesterday, I participated in Waynesboro's Mad Anthony Half Marathon. The race was sponsored by Robinwood Orthopedic Specialty Center, which offers care to those who have injuries or diseases pertaining to bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Sounds like the perfect place for running injuries!

In the packet they issued to the runners, they included things that actually help with or help to prevent pain/injury. Like a sample of BioFreeze, an ointment that you apply directly to the area in which your muscles are sore and achy. They also included a trial of KT Tape. Apply the tape to practically any area of the body and magical things happen. I, myself, have used tape in the past and have found it quite useful in injury prevention and pain relief.

But enough about the goodies!

The race itself started at 8am, on the main street of Waynesboro, PA. Me and over 300 registered runners huddled at the starting line, feeling the 50 degree chill. We just suffered a few 90 degree days in the past week, so this was a bit out of the ordinary.

Me, freezing...

It took me about 10 minutes to actually warm up after the race's start. There was a time where I could not even feel some of my toes. However, that was barely a worry. I was feeling great and I knew that I had a great race ahead of me.

The course was relatively flat to start, with just a few measly hills.

I was thrilled when Peter spotted me near the second mile!
Once we started leaving town, the terrain did not stay as friendly. We approached a nearby farm, where asphalt turned to gravel and then what appeared to be a mix of the 2. There were potholes every where, which led me to fear that my ankles would twist. Luckily, they survived!

We stayed on this "road" for about a mile or two, then approached a main road again. My feet were so happy! But, my legs were the next to complain. I took advantage of a water stop right at mile 6 because there was a MASSIVE hill right ahead. Some runners had stopped and walked it. I chose to keep at it, but at a very lazy trot. It took my pace to 10:30/mile. Though, once I hit the crest of the hill, there was a major slope, which did nothing but force you to speed down. It definitely made up for the speed decrease going up the hill.

From that point going forward, my pace steadily increased. I went from remaining comfortable in the 9 minute range, to pushing into the mid to low 8s. I felt fine doing so, but I was afraid it was going to catch me at the end. I was passing people left and right.

I did get a bit tired once hitting mile 11. We approached a developing neighborhood that had a slope like San Fransisco. Maybe I am exaggerating just a little...or maybe a lot (I have never been to San Fransisco), but it was grueling. I was trailing behind two women for quite some time, trying to match their pace, but that hill really put some distance between us. It was then that, I was looking forward to the finish line.

Thankfully, the last stretch of the race was on a downhill slope. I love any run that ends on a downhill.

I was happy to pose for Peter as I approached the finish

And like most races, I love to sprint to the finish!

My official finish time was 1:54:18, a PR! In fact, the PR was so incredible, it beat my last by about 4 and a half minutes (The Frederick Half Marathon in May).

Me and my finisher's medal!

Overall, I finished 79th out of over 300 registered runners. I was also 3rd in my division (females between 25-29). I would have received an award for that, but because I never think I win awards, I left prior to the ceremony.

Anyway, I would recommend the Mad Anthony race to just about anyone. It is fun & challenging. There are great volunteers and giveaways. The scenery was nice and it takes place during a great time of the year, when the weather is not so brutal! I definitely give this race a 10 since I plan on returning next year!

Did you have any races this weekend?

Did you ever miss out on an award because you did not attend the ceremony?

Which race have you given a 10 rating?


  1. You missed out on the award! You should contact the race people to see if they want to be cool and give it to you anyway :) I, myself, am not award winning material (in races anyway), but that doesn't keep me from running hard! Congrats on that new PR!!!

    1. I emailed them and they are mailing it (even though their website clearly stated that they do not mail awards). So yay! I didn't see any medals/awards so I wonder what it is or what they look like :).

      And you are most definitely award winning material! I never thought I was until I left a race prior to the ceremony and got my first age group medal in the mail a week later.


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