I Spent $15 on a Picture & Marathon Training

I am still coming down from the high that was the "Mad Anthony Half Marathon".

I have never bought a race photo before, but I could not pass this one up...

Anyway, today, I spoke with two of the runners who had also participated in Saturday's race: Chris and Ken. We all just so happen to work in the same building, which is awesome! I love meeting new runners! Especially when they are within walking distance of my desk. They, too, seemed to be just as high off the race as myself. However, they completed the half about 10 minutes faster than me. Chris mentioned it was only his first half and he placed 3rd in his age group. Great first half, I would say!

Ken, who has been running for quite sometime, has already participated in a couple of marathons. I mentioned my one failed attempt back in March and he said if I could make it to 23 on my own before hitting a wall, I should have no problem sailing through those last 3 since I will be surrounded by other runners and those cheering for us. It definitely brings hope that I will be successful for the Rock n Roll USA Marathon in March. Though, I still hope that I can make it to 26.2 at the end of October.

If I have not already mentioned it, I am attempting an unofficial marathon in just over a month. I am going to try the same route I had before, just in the other direction. I was running upstream in March, which meant I was running at a steady incline. It will make it easier if I run downstream in this next attempt.

 My friend, Ashley, has agreed to join me for the last leg, which I hope will help push me through to the end. It will be nice to have someone distract me from the pain I will most likely be feeling.

This Saturday (or Sunday depending on weather), I am attempting a 17 miler to build myself up for that attempt. I have been comfy at 15, so extending out an extra 2 miles...a slow 2 miles...should be nothing! If I manage to do well, I will do 18 the following Saturday, then 20 the next. I will taper off after up until my attempt.

We will see how it plays out, I assume.

Have you ever purchased a running photo as opposed to saving your "proofs"?

Are you training for anything?

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