Labor Day & Food!

There's nothing better than running on your old stomping grounds.

I went in to Williamsport yesterday, parked at my parent's and went on my old route. Though it was a bit hot, I was able to fully enjoy the run. The first mile was great. I was able to pass by the Britner's corn fields, where the stalks were feet taller than me.

Some where beginning to wilt since those crops were wiped clean (sad), but it made me excited for fall. Pretty scenery. Tolerable temperatures.

Once I got through the farmland, I traveled into town, passing my elementary, middle, and high school, which was the same route where 2 of my races took place this year (The Nick Adenhart and Run for Freedom). I looped around in the Williamsport Park, and started back towards my parent's.

The run was 8 miles total, so not too long. I figured I would tone it down a notch since I have an upcoming 14-15 mile journey this week. My goal is to return for a 40 mile running week before month's end. Hopefully we will see reduced temperatures to help me achieve that goal.

After my run, I came home, did some weights, then scarfed down some leftover Mexican Casserole for lunch (recipe coming soon!) and some fresh watermelon from Britner's Produce.

I already ate the watermelon, so it didn't make the post
This was my first watermelon for the year and it did not let me down. I have been enjoying a little bit with each meal.

Today, I am mixing up the normal running plans since I am off work. I decided to skip running for Labor Day. The last time I had a day off was last Monday. Besides, it is really hot! I was going to run with Ashley, my bestest running partner, but we thought the heat was too much for us! We decided to reschedule. So, I spent the day in my PJs, cleaning the house and making pretzel bread for the grilled chicken sandwiches we enjoyed for dinner.

Yeah, the bread isn't picturesque, but was still DELICIOUS!

Tomorrow, I will do my long run of 14-15 miles, which means I will be able to take easy run on Saturday. At least, that is what I say now. We will see how motivated I will be tomorrow. ;-)

Anyway, happy Labor Day all! Hope you are all taking it easy!

Do you run on holidays? What about Labor Day?

Tell me about a delicious meal you have had this weekend?

Have you ever tried a pretzel bread sandwich?

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