Running a Marathon By Accident...and Winning!

Have you ever been so "in the zone" on a run that you missed a turn? It has happened to most of us at least once. I know there was a time when I was on the trail and a mile marker was missing at my turn-around spot. I ran to the next marker, only then realizing a number was skipped. As a result, I ran an extra 2 miles that day. No big deal.

However, I cannot say that I have ever accidentally run a full marathon when the plan was to do half of that.

Well, Meredith Fitzmaurice did it!

"Once I realized what I had done, I figured, well I'll just run 20 miles and use it as a long run and call it a day."
Meredith's longest run had only been 20 miles. She had never completed a full 26.2. She had the intention of completing the Detroit Marathon next month, but found herself on the Run for Heroes Marathon course that took place in Amherstburg, Ontario just this past Sunday.
"I thought I was only running a half-marathon so I really gave it out there. If I knew I was going to be running the full marathon I probably wouldn't have ran so fast. So maybe it was a good thing."
Meredith finished first for women and had a Boston qualifying time of 3:11:48! You can read the full article here!

I was truly inspired by this story and will keep Meredith in my thoughts when I try my marathon next month. I only hope that I can be as strong willed as she was to complete the full 26.2, even if that was not her original intention.

You go, Meredith!!!
I hope she goes to Boston. :o)

Have you ever missed a turn or went farther on a run without realizing?

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