Busy week! Twerkin' tonight!

I was MIA this week, due to yet another busy schedule. Since the time has changed (boo!), I have had to make sacrifices.

First sacrifice: Goodbye to the canal during week nights.

Though I have received permission to run in the early part of the evening, I have decided to opt out due to safety concerns. Instead, I went running on my old route, out by my parent's house on Tuesday. Ashley joined me, which made night running a but more tolerable. It was a hilly run, which I am not quite used to, but even though I cursed at the hills, I know that they were for my own good. Afterwards, I spent a good part of the evening at my mom's.

Speaking of hills though, on Wednesday, I went for a 5 mile run during my lunch break. The hills were much more brutal than I remembered. I chose a route nearby my house that I frequented this past winter. Not my favorite route, but I did not have time to be picky. I, once again, reminded myself that even though the hills suck now, they will improve my running overall.

That evening, I went over to Ashley's for a girls night. We drank wine and ate some leftover Hershey's Halloween candy.

On Thursday, I was a SORE mess. So I opted out of running, while Peter was still kicking all kinds of ass! He made me feel like a loser.

He said that he is going to up his distance to 2.5 miles this coming week. I am so excited for him. Peter is SO CLOSE to making it to that 5k!!!

Friday, I also took a rest day as I was still feeling some significant soreness in my legs and joints, but that didn't stop me from partying up that night.

And it definitely did not prevent me from running today.

It was my first run in 2 weeks that I actually hit the double digits again. I can't say it was my best, but the weather was nice and I enjoyed myself. I also fell in love with my new UA Cozy Crew. Who does not love thumb holes?

More importantly, it kept me pleasantly toasty in 35-40 degree weather. I was sweating a little. I completely recommend!

Anyway, this evening I have a late-Halloween party...

And I am ready for some twerkin! Anyone else have a post-Halloween festivity to attend?

What are your thoughts on running hills? Woo! or Boo!?

Do you like thumb holes on your running shirts?

What were you for Halloween?


  1. i have seriously been slackin lately. only 1 long run in like the past 10 days. gonna pick it back up tomorrow though. i try to incorporate hills in a few of my runs each week. even have a 5 mile program on the tread i call my "hill pyramid". pick a speed that you can maintain on hills. i go with 7mph, but whatever's comfortable. go 1/4 mile at flat ground. the next 1 mile, go at 2% slope, the next 3/4 mile go at 3%, the next 1/2 mile go at 4%, the next 1/4 mile at 5%, then the next 1/2 mile at 4% again, the next 3/4 mile at 3% again, the next 1 mile at 2% again. comes out to 5 miles and it's a good workout if your stuck inside on the tread.

    1. Slacking happens. But you are prob better than me when it comes to hills. I just started adding them back since I don't run the canal at night. I had an extremely hilly workout in Smithsburg a couple of days ago. INTENSE! I'm looking forward to doing it again though!


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