Too Much Too Soon?

I keep trying to remind myself that my goals are only my own. I am the only one pushing myself to achieve them. I am not being held at gunpoint, threatened to reach a set mileage or maintain a specific pace.


Why must I keep reminding myself this? Well, I have a nagging sensation in one of my legs that has pushed me to take an unplanned rest day. I am not happy about this since I feel like I just resumed running after that week off. More than likely, I did too much too soon. Who knows...maybe this nagging in my thigh is nothing at all. Either way, I know that running on it won't lead to a better feeling.

I don't think it is my IT band. The feeling itself seems to be right next to it. Now, I am not a doctor or a pro when it comes to self diagnosis, so don't take what I say seriously, but from what I have researched online, the rectus femoris muscle seems to be the problem.

Sounds right on the money to me. Especially when he said that it was more of a nuisance than painful.  I felt the origin area that he described and it definitely held a lot of that tension he mentioned. So, I foam rolled.

And it felt SOOOO good. I emphasize the statement "hurts so good" when it comes to foam rolling. It didn't get rid of the existing irritation, so running still remains out of the schedule for today; however, I also swear by taping...

 I combined 2 recommended taping methods. From the point I started going down my leg, less irritation. I will keep this on for a few days and see if there are any improvements. It was dramatically helped the ankle pain I had last week.

From what I hear, this strain will not put me out for weeks. If I severely tore something, that would be one thing and would obviously be painful. I heard 3 days, unless it is more severe. This makes day 2 then. We will see if any of this will make a difference. Fingers crossed.

Ever have a quad strain? How long till it felt better?

Have you used tape to help relieve pain or irritation from running? Did you have success?

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