Race Recap: HCC Turkey Trot 5k

I think the best way to start a day of feasting is by running!

I have participated in 3 Turkey Trots now and think that this will be an ongoing tradition for years to come! In fact, the HCC Turkey Trot 5k was the first race I ever ran in, back in 2009.

My father and I after my first race
But this year was different than any other that I have participated in. I was joined by both my fiance and our puppy, Alpha.

It was FREEZING that morning. About 25 degrees, give or take. Thankfully, we were able to keep warm in the college gym prior to the race. The amount of people and puppies that were present had Alpha so excited. So much that he had an accident. It was a tad embarrassing, but hey, I'm sure it has happened many races before. He still did VERY well since he has never been around that many people or dogs before. We were proud puppy parents for sure!

Around 9, we ventured to the starting line. Peter stood near the back, joining the other runners with pups and I met up with Ashley near the middle. It was the first race she had ever competed in and though she was nervous, I knew she was going to do AWESOME. Ashley's way beyond where I had was in my first race.

When the gun went off, we accompanied each other all the way up to the chip mat, then went our separate ways. I had a hard time getting up to speed for about the first quarter of a mile. The road was packed with participants. I had to jump off the road into the grass to get around some of the runners. It wasn't until about a half mile in, that I finally achieved my race pace.

I am on the far left, I was on TV! Hahaha.
Although it was freezing out, the temperature was perfect for running. I did not once feel too hot, which usually is what causes me to slow down. I was able to have negative splits each mile and the end came in no time.

Once I finished, I immediately turned around to locate Ashley and Peter. I never did find Ashley, but I found Peter in his last half mile. I took the dog from him since Alpha tends to start fighting us when he gets tired. This allowed Peter to speed up and finish strong.

After managing to get Alpha back to the gym, we met up with Ashley, her husband Ben, and Peter a few minutes later. We all congratulated each other on a run well down! I also found out why I never saw Ashley on my way back. She finished just 13 seconds behind me! My time was 25:37 and hers was 25:50. She kicked ass! Peter finished in 34 minutes, but I know he would have finished in under 30 if he was puppy-less. When a dog has their own agenda halfway through, it is hard to maintain speed.

As for how I feel on my own time, I reached my goal of a 25 minute time, but still couldn't help but feeling that I slowed down since the races I did earlier this year. I was hitting 24 minute times easy. But I try to keep reminding myself that my gait has changed in the last few weeks. Still, those numbers are sometimes discouraging. It will encourage me to get faster though. I have a goal of 22-23 minutes for next year and I know I will get to it! I am already planning on working on speed a few times this coming week.

Anyway, I will always give the Turkey Trot a 10! Everyone participating is in the holiday spirit and they all have the same agenda: Run & eat a lot...My kind of people!! It was also nice to have a dog-friendly race so our whole little family could be involved because that is what this race is about: Being together for the holidays! 

Did you participate in a Thanksgiving run?

Have you ever found yourself discouraged over a slow race time?

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

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