JFK 50 Mile

As some of you may know, the JFK 50 took place just yesterday and lucky for me, the race runs right through my normal trail route. Because I assumed the area was going to be packed with people, I ALMOST decided to run elsewhere. I am so glad I went to check it out anyway.

I arrived at Taylor's Landing around 9am. My normal parking place was not accessible. They had a field designated specifically for those to come and watch runners passing by at mile 38. No fans were there at the time, but there was a man getting a water/fuel station ready. I asked him if I was still able to run the route today, and he informed me that the first runners would not even be arriving until 11, so I was good to go. That gave me nearly 2 hours to run 13.1 miles.

Although I was really excited to "break in" the path for the elite runners, I still kept a slow pace. I have been slacking in the speed department, but I think it is because my gait has changed (more on that another day).

Chilling at mile 7
On my way back, I was half expecting to pass some of the lead runners, but they still had not made it to mile 38. So I decided to stand along side the path with the other spectators and wait.

Around 11:30, the first 3 runners came through.

The first runner was Zach Miller, he ended up winning the JFK 50 with a time of 5:38:53! That's about a 6:45 min pace/mile! I can not even run that fast just doing one mile alone!!!

After the first 3 runners trailed by, I heard Michael Wardian was coming up next. After seeing him kick ass at Freedom's Run, as well as hearing he competed in 2 marathons in one day (winning one of them) just last week, I just had to watch him pass by!

Michael ended up placing 3rd with a time of 5:55:37.

The entire day, I could not help but think of competing in this run myself. The energy I felt just from being a spectator was amazing! I don't believe I will be Michael Wardian, but I would feel like him just by completing something as huge as the JFK 50. It has become an item on my bucket list for sure.

Have you ever ran in the JFK 50 or another ultra? Tell me ALL about it!!!


  1. New reader hereee. Those guys are SPEEEDY. I love your shoes, I was thinking of buying those same ones to help with winter weather traction! I wear pureflows normally, so I assumed the trail version of the pure project would probably be pretty similar but with a little extra stability on that crazy terrain!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    I love my shoes too :) ! But you can always buy yaktracks to help with snow and ice. I have a pair myself, though I HATE snow running and try to avoid it when I can!


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