Sore Everywhere and Back to Nights

As promised, I said I would mention if the cheeseburger casserole was a success. And it was.

It was very difficult not to gobble down more than one plate. So I definitely recommend this recipe! Super easy to make!

Now on to my workout routine for the day.

After yesterday's squat and ab challenge, I was definitely feeling the pain today. My thighs, hips, and ribs are currently filled with lactate acid. But I always like to think that soreness is the aftermath of a great workout.

Even still, I went for a 7 mile run on the trail. It was a bone chilling 32 degrees so I bundled up in my Under Amour mock, gloves, capris, and compression socks. At least gorgeous out.

I also met a new animal friend on the trail!

I named him Ricky the Raccoon. I was surprised how close he got to me before scurrying off.

After my run, I went home to resume day 2 of my squat and abs workouts. Today was 55 squats and my ab workout was an 8 minute AMRAP.

I also started up my weight training after having the last 3 weeks off. I surely did not start where I left off, but I am sure my shoulders will still be sore in the morning.

I decided to change up my schedule tomrrow so I could run with Ashley. Typically I don't run on Tuesdays, but this would be the only day I could run with her this week. So we are hitting the roads out by my parents for a night run (damn, standard time!!!). I need to get some hills back in my routine and that's not what the C&O offers. Besides, night running on the C&O does not exactly feel safe. So I guess it will be road running for the majority of this winter. Boo!

Anyway, that's my Monday! Hope yours has gone well and was pain free!

Since we now have resumed Standard Time, has that messed with your typical running routine? Will you night run?

How do you soothe sore muscles?
 My fiance gives me massages :)

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