Pain & Exhaustion

For now, I am going to ignore the subject of my last entry until I receive further details from my doctor at my next appointment, which is not until next month (the week of Christmas). But I would like to thank those of you who messaged, texted, and talked to me about it! :)

Anyway, I have just a few things to share with you guys. Let me start with Saturday. I went on a 12 mile run and that went...ok. I was tired, to say the least. I feel like I am recovering from a 6 week break rather than a week break. Guess 26.2 miles can really take it out of a person? I have just been in one hell of a funk lately.

I was going to vlog that run, but did not want to make you guys nauseous with the shakey-ness of the videos I took. But here is just one video from the halfway point!

And a picture of my new purple compression socks!

Following my run, I went on yet another run with Peter. I just trailed behind him to check out his butt so he could chose a pace that worked best for him.

For someone who has only been running for about 2 months, he is doing AWESOME. He ran 3.08 miles for the first time (longest run before was 2.5 miles) and did it in just 31 minutes!!! That's amazing! Peter is definitely ready for his first 5k on Thanksgiving. Words cannot express how proud I am of him! His next distance goal is 5 miles before year's end. I know he can do it!

Today, I got up, not quite in the running state of mind. I had an 8 miler planned, but decided to cut it down to 7. Not a HUGE difference, but it at least got my butt out the door...and I got to wear another pair of new Pro Compression socks.

I ran out to the dam and started to feel a sharp pain in my knee. I stopped to try and stretch it out, but it was not letting up. I was ready to call the run quits, but I had no one available to come get me. So I did what any idiot would on it the whole way home.

The pain did not got worse, but it did not feel great at all. As soon as I got home, I iced the hell out of my knee to try to help relieve the pain. Then, I took about 2 hours of down time laying on the couch. A glorious nap was included. I woke up with zero pain, so I have no idea what happened there. I can only hope it will not return!

Tomorrow, I have intentions of running after work. Just a 5 miler. Nothing too exciting. Then I will take my rest day. I have a run planned with my girl, Ashley later this week! I love our runs! Maybe one day, me, her and Peter will be able to all run together!

Anywho, have a good week all! I will sure try!

Have you ever had a rough time recovering from a long run, like a marathon, even weeks after it has ended?

Would you like to see a vlog of one of my runs in the future?

Ever do 2 runs in one day? How did you feel afterwards?

Ever have pain during a run that magically went away? No rhyme or reason to why you got it in the first place?

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