Drink More...Bloat Less

Do you struggle with water intake? Perhaps you don’t enjoy the taste or the increased bathroom trips. Maybe you are like me and are simply not thirsty.

The reasons vary from person to person. However, I am dedicating more effort to upping my intake due a recent and extremely uncomfortable experience. I know that we all cringe when we discuss anything relative to the act of doing #2, BUT, we ALL do it and we ALL have been through the bad side of it. Just several weeks ago, I had an intense case of constipation (go ahead, you can cringe) . It was not a glamorous experience by any means. I gained around 7 lbs, which not only bummed me out on the scale, but the bloat that it caused made my jeans feel super tight. One of the worst feelings in the world is struggling to put on your favorite pair of jeans. Who really wants to deal with that discomfort?

OLD picture from 2008...but hey, best bloated pic I could get :)
I began to take a digestive supplement that was to be dissolved in a glass of warm water. Although it helped pass some of the hard bowels in my system, going to the bathroom was still a struggle.  I continued the supplement which allowed me to keep going to the bathroom, but it never passed easily. So I resorted to the interwebs for assistance. Of course, there were tons of forums offering solutions that involved enemas and drinking nasty cocktails. But then, I came across an article that referenced an episode of Dr. Oz. Cameron Diaz was a guest on the show and was there to talk about POOP!

She started her appearance by chugging a large bottle of water, then explaining that in the morning, she formed a habit of drinking a liter of water after brushing her teeth (to prevent ingesting the bacteria that forms overnight). Her claim is that this helps prime your body to get things a-flowing.

It seemed simple enough, but I toned it down from a liter to about 10-12 oz (also after brushing my teeth). I started with chugging the water, including the supplement, then ate my breakfast.

Because I knew that the “track” would not stay hydrated forever, I forced myself to chug an additional 16 oz. once I got into the office. I would then refill my bottle, sipping it throughout the day, switching to coffee and tea just to switch the flavors up (I get bored with JUST water). I did pretty well at work, but once I got home, even after running, I just stopped taking in any fluids. Although my bowel issues were starting to improve, they still were not where they should be.

My sister, being the kind loving sister that she is, provided me a life-saving (not really) solution. Since I am her best Arbonne customer, she gave me a free 32oz Arbonne bottle.

This made the process of drinking water a lot easier. Instead of refilling my bottle numerous times a day, then forgetting to do so after work, I only had to refill this bottle once to get the recommended 64 oz. Now, I make it a daily goal to finish at least 1 bottle prior to the end of my workday, refill before I leave, and finish what I have left before I go to bed. It is just that simple!

My results? My 7 pound increase was eliminated in a matter of days, I have normal bowels EVERYDAY without struggle, and I just feel better!

Here are some great reasons why you, too, should start drinking more water (and less soda!).
  • Increased Energy
  • Money Saver – Water is either free or offered at small cost in comparison to soda or other sugary drinks!
  •  Improves your complexion – Which is also a money saver. Less makeup needed, ladies!
  •  Flushes out toxins from your body – Do you really want to think of your body bathing in toxins instead of fresh water?
  •  Controls food intake – Drink a cup of water before you eat. You’ll get fuller faster, therefore less caloric intake
  •  Hangover relief – It can also PREVENT a hangover if you drink water between cocktails.
  •  And of course, bowel regularity!

Do you struggle with water intake? Tell me what your reason is.

What tricks do you use to drink more water?

Do you have additional reasons to add to the list of how water improves your body?

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  1. Water, boring.... don't drink any water unless I running distance on the mountain!

    I have a glass of milk, chocolate with protien for brealfast, then I could go the whole day with nothing till I start on the wine in the evening!!!

    OK some days I drink a glass or 2 of Coke, and if i feel I need it Vitality Boost or Turbovite fizz!!!!


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