The Decision Has Been Made

So you may be wondering "Is Lindsey going to run the race?" or "Did see finally make up her damn mind?!" I am sure that it has just been the question every one has wanted an answer to (haha...I know better), BUT I did make my decision.

Though, I REALLY wanted to run the race, I decided I would save the $70 and run 13.1 on my own. There are many reasons involved. The My nearly brand spanking new Mizunos that I wore in the marathon were stolen at the hotel I stayed at in Hershey (along with a cute pair of flats). I am trying to get the hotel to compensate for the costs of just the running shoes, but I have yet to hear back. If I don't get anything out of it, I am going to use that money to put towards a fresh pair of road running shoes. I have my eyes set on some Brooks. :)
Secondly, even though running has been going well for me post-surgery, I don't feel I am necessarily ready to compete in a half just yet! I want to save that energy for May 4th when I run in the Frederick Half Marathon. 

Frederick Half 2013
Finally, I feel that races are not just about the running, it is about the support. Peter has really been great about coming to all my races, so why would I not want him to be there? I know that I can do it on my own, but I love having him at the finish line.

There will be more races throughout the year and I know it won't be an issue hitting 10 for the year. I have already completed 2 and have already signed up for 3 more. Practically halfway there!

Anyway, yesterday, I was forced to run partnerless (how did I do that for nearly 2 years!?). It was not bad at all though. I just blasted the marathon playlist I had on my iPod and hit the C&O. I ran to the dam and back (7 miles) and it was GORGEOUS out!

The spring air was perfect for my run. I barely sweat. I was also happy that each mile was under a 9 minute pace. Average was 8:51. If I can maintain that for 7 miles, I will be excited to see how fast my pace could be in a 5k since I have one scheduled on May 3rd.

So enough about that. I don't wanna hog your Friday evening! Go enjoy yourself and have a great Saturday long run!!!

What are your reasons for not choosing to compete in a race?


  1. Time, have I got the time to run it or not... this weekend there is a 15km race, I can run it, but then when can I spend time running on the mountain? do I need to spend time on the mountain? I do have a really big race on the 4th of May...

    I try and run as many races as I can...

    1. Time is HUGE. I wish I had mountains to run! I just looked through pictures on your blog and LOVE the scenery! I am uber jealous!


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