The "Official" Return To Running

Good evening, friends!

I hope that you enjoyed my interview with Shawn. He provided several valuable tips on how to get the ball rolling on weight loss, as well as resisting temptations that come along with correcting bad habits. If you are looking to lose weight and build a happy, healthy lifestyle, you have plenty of help out there and I will be willing to offer my assistance as well. Feel free to comment or email me directly at

Speaking of our health, I want to update you all on the post-op appointment I had this past Monday. My doctor felt confident that the specimen they removed contained all of the high grade pre-cancerous cells. They tested surrounding areas in surgery to ensure that was the case. With that being said, I hope that this is the end of my cancer scare! I want to move forward with my life as a healthy woman! My doctor also gave me the "official" word to get back out there and run (we all know I didn't follow that rule though ;-) ).

On Sunday (prior to approval), I ran a 10k on the canal with Peter. 

I have been struggling with exhaustion while running due to my body using much of my energy to heal itself, so needless to say, exercise has been a struggle. On the bright side, I have more energy than I had from the first surgery, but it may be a couple more weeks before I resume double digit long runs. Still, I am very excited and very motivated to resume my normal distances! I miss long runs!

Peter and I have also took a few 5 mile runs. Yesterday was the first one with doctor's approval, which probably was the hardest run I have done since I resumed exercising. Peter, on the other hand, is REALLY doing well. He officially became a runner in October and has already ran 7 miles as his longest distance. He is also getting better times at a faster rate than what I was getting when I first started. His times are relatively similar to mine now. I am somewhat jealous of his improvement, but I have a feeling that these partnered runs will not only help him get better quicker, but help me improve and remain motivated as well. I am lucky to have someone who is interested in running like myself.

Anyway, Hershey is now just days away and I am super excited to be running alongside my fiance for the first time in a race. I wonder how we should pose for our finish line photo?

What are you currently doing to better your health?

What race are you getting into this weekend?


  1. Better my health, no nothing, OK maybe the couple of pills I pop (Omega, Vit B and turbovite) might help, but I still eat to much chocolate and drink too much beer wine and coke...

    Now I will be running a 10km race on Saturday monring and a Cross country 4km relay in the afternoon...

    1. Oh, no worries. I indulge in my favorite alcoholic beverages on the weekends. More like over-indulge :-/

      Good luck on your runs! 2 in one day! That's pretty awesome!


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