Last Minute Race Decision...

I thought I looked decent today, so I thought that I would have a picture taken. Unfortunately, this was the best picture out of them all. I think Ginger stole the shot...


I have been faced with a serious decision: To run or not to run? Okay, so not that serious, but it has been bothering me for about 72 hours now. There is a half marathon this weekend that I REALLY want to participate in, but a week ago, I was not sure if I was going to be ready. I just assumed that I would skip it due to surgery recovery. But then, I had a great 10 mile run this past Saturday, followed by a decent 10k race on Sunday.

So what to do?

Two things that are holding me back is money and a support crew. As most of you know, races normally aren't cheap and if you wait to register, prices go up. The cost is up to $70, but I do have rewards cash on my credit card that would cover the cost, but even then, I am still hesitant. Next is the support crew.

Peter, my number 1 fan, will not be joining me if I participate in this race due to prior plans, so I will be completely alone. I have never participated in a race where someone was not there for me. I don't want that to hold me back, but it would be a bit lonely after crossing the finish line. Also, there will probably be no pictures. How can you do a proper race recap?! ;-)

But...if I don't do the race, I know that I will do 13.1 on Saturday anyway. It will just be $70 dollars cheaper.

Still can't decide!!! Help?

What determines if you will run in a race?

Is there any reasons why you would choose not to run a race and wait for the next one?


  1. Don't run... u just recently came out of surgery and need to build up....safely. being young...u probably can do it....but u chance...risk... injury and or a set back. If u need to run a race to quell that enthusiasm....think shorter a 5 or 10k freckles... ur posts....and ur hair :). Trust me in this one...

    1. Thanks!!

      I think I will skip out. Although I will more than likely run 13.1 on my own this Saturday, I'd rather just enjoy it, not compete. I get really competitive and I think it may be a little exhausting for me. That and I really like having my fiance there to support me.

      The doc has given me clearance on long distances and whatnot, so I am not at risk of injuring the areas I had worked on, but the time off and the healing process did take some of the energy out of me. I am now getting back on track.

      Are you going to do the Mad Anthony again this year?


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