Tips to Reset Naughty Eating

*Holds stomach and moans*

I have been really naughty in the food department. I think it has more to do with my PMS than anything, but, that is no excuse for my habits. Even as I put the food or drink in my mouth, I KNEW that it was not a good idea. And that instant guilt I felt was a punishment alone.

I did a little better yesterday even though it was my sister's bridal shower. Any gathering of people typically includes food that is not particularly healthy. 

As much as I tried to be good by stuffing myself with broccoli and carrots, I still indulged in a few glasses of wine and some not-so-healthy snacks. Though, I did avoid the cupcakes! Yay will power!

But, her party was still an awesome success and I am super glad she enjoyed herself. :)

Anyway, because I had a "rough" weekend in the food department, I am trying to detox this week. I want to reset my few bad days with helpful tips and tricks. Here are a few of my recommendations to reverse some of those low days...

  1. Sweat! - Exercise will help burn off those extra calories you indulged in the past few days. Though, I would not recommend overdoing a workout just to burn off all the calories you consumed in snacks. No need to injure or exhaust yourself. My thought process is doing something active is better than nothing at all! It will also turn that guilt into happiness! Hello, endorphins!
  2. Drink, drink, drink! - WATER! Help flush the toxins by guzzling back some H2O. This will aid in digestion (some of those naughty foods may cause constipation) and reduce fluid retention (bloat!). I also have included a cup of Arbonne Detox Tea after my weekends of rough eating. It  helps support liver and kidney health. Perfect if you drank any alcohol in the last 24-48 hours!
  3. FRUITS AND VEGGIES - I believe that in life, there must be balance. With every junk food you indulge in, you should balance it with something healthy. Instead of saying "Well, I think I will skip on a side or a snack to make up for the calories I indulged in," replace it with a healthy option. Restricting only sets you up for a future binge. So, instead of skipping your snack, have an apple or banana to keep that metabolism working to it's max!
  4. Overcome It! - Keep in mind that bad days (or bad weeks) happen to everyone. Maintain a positive attitude even with downfalls. Just because you had a few weak moments, does not mean that you may as well call it quits. Nobody ever has an easy rode to success or we would all be fit and healthy! 

Even though my intake has dipped into a dark region, my running has not at all suffered. In fact, I have been kicking some major ass! My average pace for every run has stayed in the 8s. Some miles have even gone into the 7 minute range which is HUGE for me. I even hit a sub 2 on a lonely 13.1 run which has NEVER happened. 

I have only ever hit a sub 2 on a race day. I'm not sure if this recent success is from crossfit, surgery, or a combo of the two, but this is GREAT and I hope to only get better! Especially this weekend! Two races!!!

What do you do to help recover from a bad day or two of eating?

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