Bread, Butter, and Running

So sorry for the extended time off! I got a little distracted. Although I was off work for a short period of time, I found a lot to do! I decided to act on making several homemade food items, like whole wheat bread...

...pumpkin butter...

...and almond butter!

The bread turned out super dense, but was good! I think it needed more time to rise, so I will try to let it go longer next time. The pumpkin butter was from a recipe found on Skinny Taste. I have made this a handful of times and recommend it! Super easy to do!

As for the almond butter, I found a simple recipe online that just involved almonds and your food processor. You throw in a few cups of almonds and let your food processor do the rest! Within 15 minutes, I had almond butter. Some recipes add honey, additional oil, or salt, but I decided to stay clear of that and keep it basic. I also found that the consistency of the butter is very light and fluffy in comparison with peanut butter! Definitely a unique and likeable twist!

Anyway, enough about food, let's talk running!

As you know, I was advised by my doctor to stay away from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for 2 weeks. I half listened to this. From Tuesday to Saturday, I did NOT run, but by Sunday, I was itchin'. I thought a slow and steady mile wouldn't hurt (it's not strenuous, right?). I finished in 10:36 and felt pretty good. So on Monday, I decided to go for 1.5. That turned into 2 miles. Again, felt great, no pain or symptoms that would have sparked concern. However, on my run on Tuesday, I was EXHAUSTED!!! I finished a 5k in 29 minutes, which was okay under the circumstances. I think being outside on actual terrain and not on the treadmill got me. That and I actually had to wake up early that morning to return to work. 

Yesterday and today, I have been significantly tired from getting back into my normal work schedule. Only a mile has been completed over the last 48 hours. I don't intend on running again until Saturday to prevent any further exhaustion. Peter and I are going to attempt 6.2 this weekend to prep us for the Hershey 10k. Which I feel I will be much more energetic by then! Send me good vibes!!!

Oh and I forgot to mention got a new car!!!

But that's enough blog for now! Stay tuned for some awesome recipes and interviews this week!!!

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