10 Things For Tuesday...Half Are About Food

1. I am beginning to dig the idea of going completley gluten-free. I have been reading about it nonstop and it just seems perfect for me. Aside from my cereal this morning, I have had zero wheat so far. I think that is pretty good considering I am the bread queen.

2. Nutella & Rice Cakes are gluten-free. Life will be okay!

3. For dinner, we had breakfast for dinner. Usually, this is in the form of an egg pizza and sometimes with toast on the side. You can see my problem here...

While Peter had his pizza, I sacrificed the wrap for a third egg and still had the sauce, cheese, and veggie toppings. Had some walnuts with yogurt on the side.

4. Made some zucchini noodles for the first time. I am excited to have them for my lunch for tomorrow!

5. My leg is starting to give me a break!!! I have not run since last Wednesday. My goal is to start running again this Thursday.

6. I start school next week! I am taking Diversity in Sports and Athletics. It will be my first legit course since I withdrew from classes in 2008 due to bereavement. I did not intend to take 6 years off, but better late than never!!

7. I just finished organizing plans for July and my calendar looks CRAZY!!! I have only given myself free time for when one of my bridesmaids comes to town in a few weeks!

A true friend helps you take your beer bong ;-)
The above was about 5 years ago. I am not brave enough to beer bong anymore.

8. I LOVE building my new business. Now that I have become an Arbonne Consultant, I am learning so much about myself as well as network marketing.  I have also been given several opportunities to help others! You should "like" my Facebook page! ;-)

9. Wedding invitation have been mailed! I guess that makes the wedding date official! Can't change it now! 101 days to go!!!

10. Dove Dark Chocolate has kept me sane at the day job. Those little squares of delight are like velvet!!!

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