Race Recap: The 5th Annual Nick Adenhart 5K

The first time I participated in the Nick Adenhart 5k was last year. I felt that any race supporting a late-Wildcat from Williamsport High, but also benefited our community directly, was worth participating in! Not to mention, I did pretty well last year! It was definitely motivation to come back!

This was the 5th year the race was held, so it is still relatively new. Despite the "newness" factor, there were many who showed up, both runners and walkers. Though we all may have been there for different reasons, the vibe in the air was positive. Everyone was there to share a great race and enjoy the company of others. 

After a moment of prayer and the National Anthem, a sea of runners began to pour out into the street. I noticed that I have gotten much better at my start pace. Typically, I would shoot off in excitement, which always tends to lead to exhaustion halfway through. I was a little intimidated as the other runners shot past me at first, but I ended up passing a good bit of them later. Pacing yourself and not letting your adrinaline get the best of you is SUPER important!!!

The course for this race differed greatly from last year. Before, the start was just in front of the Elementary School, then you shot out to Route 11, ran through downtown Williamsport and circled back to Springfield Middle School. Then you would run on Britner Ave (my street name!), into the cemetery where Nick is buried, and back towards the baseball field right by the high school.

This year, however, the start and finish line were right at the baseball field and it was almost like the course was reversed. The cemetery was completely avoided (probably out of respect for others), as well as Route 11. Instead, we took a new path through the Byron Memorial Park, then back to the baseball field.
I have run this path many times so it was not anything new to me, though, I find when you are racing, no experience you have with a course is beneficial. I tend to run way faster and everything is 10x more difficult.

When I reached the halfway point, there was a water station. Instead of stopping to drink, I grabbed the water, kept running, and chugged back more air than liquid. I immediately felt a painful bubble in my stomach. I also happened to be climbing a hill at that moment too, so it was a challenge!
As I made my way through the park, I began to feel the sun's heat beating down on me. I was recovering from a sunburn and although sunscreen covered by body, I felt like I was beginning to bake. I was less than a half mile from the finish line, but it felt like miles. I was really hot and the struggle began. I could barely smile when I caught site of Peter, so my finish line photos look like I was grimacing in pain.

 Once I crossed over the line and slowed, I was relieved to be done!

As the remaining runners/walkers finished their race, I stretched in the grass, listening to the announcers draw door prizes. I did not win any, but I still enjoyed watching others jump for joy at winning free Orioles Baseball tickets.

After prizes were drawn, they got to the awards ceremony.

I was awarded 3rd place in my age group with a time of 23:31.

Nick's mom is the farthest to the right :)

Sorry about the delay in recap! Although I have taken a few days off of running, I have been busy with open houses for my home business. However, you should see several updates this week! Should be good ones!

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