The First Sunburn of 2014!

After a weekend of running nothing but 3.1 miles, I took advantage of my Monday off and ran 13.1. I did not think that it was going to be as hot and humid as it was so early in the day, but no sooner than I stepped outside, my breath was labored by the thick air. Gotta love summer in Maryland!

Regardless of the immediate discomfort, I set out on my run with the intention of doing a half. I ran the roads of Williamsport since I knew that the C&O was going to be muddy and more humid than the open road.

Within the first half, I was completely drenched, chaffed, and hotter than hell. I headed back towards my parent's home and sat in the shade, contemplating whether to do the remaining 6+ miles or call it quits.

Because I am always so stubborn, I set out to finish what I started.

My pace was slower than normal, which I expected. Two of the miles dipped down into a 10+ minute pace. I knew that some of it was because of traveling a great deal in 72 hours and this was also the first time this year I encountered this kind of  heat. I did not guilt myself into making up for the slow times.

After trotting along and praying for a breeze, whether natural or from a car whipping by me, I finally made it through. I plopped myself down just under a tree while choking down some Gatorade. I felt my pulse in my face because of how hot I was. There was no way I was driving until my body temp dropped down a little bit.

I drank a ton of water once I arrived home and took a light nap. I awoke from discomfort on my shoulders. Just the slightest brush against the carpet, there was a stinging sensation. So I got myself up and decided to shower. When I looked in the mirror, I saw that my face and shoulders were a bright red. my first sunburn this year.

I have been good about putting sunscreen on, but totally overlooked it that morning. So I got to return to work today with a red tan. Gorgeous.

I took a break from running today. I think it was a well-deserved rest day. I was also greeted with a present when I arrived home.

You may want to click the picture to read what it says, but basically, I got awarded $25 to Red Robin for being a top finisher in my age group for the Frederick Twilight 5k!!! I know what I am getting this weekend! ;-)

Anyone have to deal with extreme temperatures on their run this weekend? What motivates you to get through it?

What is the worst sunburn you have ever had?

Are you good about wearing sunscreen?

What would you buy at Red Robin?

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