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Before I tell you all about my weekend, I want to let you all know that BioSkin has an amazing offer right now! Use the promo code Epic14 and receive 10% off! Their calf sleeves are FABULOUS!!!!

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Now, back to the weekend update! :)

I don't know what happened this year, but my "busy" switch has been turned on full blast! I predicted that this would happenat the beginning of the year, but it was beyond what I imagined!

Thankfully, Friday evening was pretty calm. Though, I did spend the majority of my time making my own wedding invitations. To custom-make the design I wanted, I was going to be charged over $300!!! Lucky for me, I have photoshop knowledge and will make the time to design and print them myself. It slashes the cost down by more than half! I did want the conveinence of someone else making them, but I would like to save money for something else (like the wedding cake!).

On Saturday, I woke up for the Nick Adenhart 5k. A race recap for the Nick Adenhart 5k is on it's way. I realize now that I failed to even mention that I was even doing it in previous posts, but you will still get a recap regardless. :)

I will let you know that I did pretty well even though I have been running on a sore leg. Ever since I came home from Tennessee last week, my left calf has began to hurt. It began to hurt on Sunday while we were on our way home. I don't believe it is running related since I had not run since that Thursday. I did notice a bruise near the pain point that my mom's dog inflicted while we were in the cabin however. 

He got spooked and jumped on me randomly. Hopefully that is all though...just a bruised tendon!

After the race, I hurried to my sister's so we could prepare for her wedding reception at a nearby banquet hall. Everything was absolutely beautiful! She handmade many of tabletop decorations because she is uber talented like that. 

And the cake/cupcakes they ordered were beautiful!!

It should go without saying that they were also scrumptious!

I had the time of my life that night! It is not often you get me dancing like an idiot in front of my relatives, friends, and complete strangers. 

Thankfully no photos were shot of these moments of insanity.  Except for this...

We did not depart the festivities until about 2am, but I went straight to bed as soon as I got home. We slept in till after 9 the next morning and was worried that it was going to be too hot to run by the time I hit the trail. Luckily, there was not too much humidity and the path I run is 90% shaded. I planned to only do 13, then I stretched it to 15 midway. Finally decided to only do 14 and run with the dog later in the evening. I can change my mind about my run a bazillion times before it is actually over.
I went back out to the trail that evening with Peter. He was out to run a couple of miles and while he ran on his own, Alpha and I did a slow run.

Alpha did extremely well since he has rarely gone running with us. We ended up almost finishing 2 miles together. I can't wait to consistently take him running with me. I think it would be great for the both of us!

What have you done to save money on a wedding? Did you make your own invites?

What song must play at any wedding reception? 

Do you dance at weddings?

Do you bring your dog running with you?

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  1. with your sore calf, I hope you have those calf sleeves on... I use mine if my calves start playing up.

    Saved lots by getting married 16 years ago!!!

    walk in to Charriots of fire!!!!

    Dancing is good cross training!

    my dogs don't run


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