My Sister's Wedding Weekend

What a weekend!!! After spending more time in a car than not, I am finally back in the comfort of our home here in Boonsboro, MD! I was so happy to see my fur balls and get back in schedule! Though I do wish I could have enjoyed the extremely mini vacation for just a few more days, I had to be back in time for work tomorrow (boo!).

So anyway, let me tell you all about my weekend! Let's backtrack to Friday!

Following a half day at work, Peter and I packed out belongings and hit the road in the Crosstrek!

First, we traveled 3.5 hours to Virginia to stay with my cousin, Kara and her husband, Colby. After having time to catch up, we went to Waterstone Pizza, which served guessed! We spent much of our time talking about Kara and I taking on new business opportunities, as well as Peter and I's running addiction.

After enjoying a great meal, we drank wine and watched John Mulany (who is HILARIOUS) at their apartment, but it wasn't long before us old people went to bed. ;-)

The next morning, Peter and I had to hit the road almost immediately due to potential traffic. I would have loved to stay, but we were due to be in Gatlinburg, TN for my sister's wedding. We quickly got ready, and grabbed breakfast and lunch at Sheetz, topped off the gas tank. We were back on I-81!

It was an easy 5 hour drive until we finally made it to the main strip in Gatlinburg. It had ridiculous traffic! That road had EVERYTHING a tourist's heart could desire. Indoor sky diving, bungee jumping, and King Kong?

It took so long to get through the area, but we finally made it to the Smokey Mountains.

My parents rented a gorgeous cabin in the woods and were so gracious to let Peter and I crash with them.

This place was AMAZING...

The cabin life is something I must have now! I will make it a goal in my life to own a cabin and live the life of luxury in the woods.

Anyway, after just about an hour of relaxing, mom, dad, Peter and I went to grab the bride aka my sister to escort her to her wedding spot in a state park.

The place that they chose was absolutely breathtaking!

They got married right in front of this stream.

It was a beautiful wedding and must admit, I did get a tad bit choked up, but kept my cool.

After the ceremony, my parents, Peter, and I headed back to our cabin and enjoyed some grilled goods and alcoholic beverages. Peter and I also had the opportunity to chill in the hot tub. However, because we did have a long day ahead, we went to bed shortly after.

The next morning, we packed up our belongings and were on the road around 9.

We weren't even in the state long enough to truly enjoy it. We left less than 24 hours after we arrived. But, we have made it a priority to come back. It may not be until next year for our 1st anniversary trip. :)

After 8 hours in the Crosstrek, we made it home safely and almost immediately went for a 5k run. Unlike those who would come home, unpack, and and I throw on our running clothes and go for a run in the most humid conditions. But we made it! It was hard on the legs though since they were immobile for most of the day.

I put on my Bio Skin Calf Skin Sleeves to offer relief!

Ahh, they were great! I craved the feeling of compression for a great deal of the weekend and was happy to squeeze these suckers on. They fit like a glove!!!

Anyway, I have way more to update on, but will do so tomorrow! I can imagine that this was a long post already! :)

Have you traveled recently? Where did you go?

Have you ever been to Gatlinburg, TN? Did you like it? Did you stay in a cabin?

Any weddings you've attended lately?


  1. Would love a cabin in the woods, hot tub sounds good too...

    funny thing, the last wedding I was at was also next to a river...

    No traveling so far this year, but role on September!!!

    Loverly picture of you are your sister

    1. Thank you!

      I have every intention on buying a bit of land and buying a log cabin kit. *sigh* One day.


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