I Skipped a Run...Then I Didn't

I was on the fence about running today. I wanted to go to the AT, but my run yesterday was pretty difficult. It wasn't long into the workout that I was breathless. I did finish 5 miles in good time, but I was paying for it today. I thought this may be one of those opportunities to listen to my body and call it.

So I skipped my run today. To me, I think that if I did go out to the AT, I would have been more likely to injure myself. With exhaustion and sore body parts, I don't think I would have had the focus to navigate the technical terrain. Within minutes, I would have probably twisted my ankle.

Rather than head straight to the AT, I came home, ate a grilled turkey sandwich on some gluten-free bread and slurped on tomato soup. It was just what I needed! But within an hour, I surprisingly wanted that run!

It was raining, so the AT wasn't going to happen. Instead, I decided to head up to the treadmill, pop in Hood to Coast, and run as far as my body wanted to.

And I got new shoes in the mail today so that made this surprise running session more exciting!

I ended up doing a solid 6 miles and felt pretty awesome. It just proves that intuitive running is the way to go! I listened to my body by not running as soon as I got home. In fact, I gave myself the opportunity to not run at all. Yet, on it's own, my body decided to alert me later that it was ready. It resulted in a wonderful run!

Have you ever skipped a run, then later changed your mind?

What motivates you to run on the treadmill? New shoes? A good show/movie to watch?

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