The Return of Sesamoiditis???

I am not a fan of waking up early on the weekends. Intuitive running or not, I am not going to suffer through the heat to run my long distance for the week.

I was out of bed at 6 yesterday and on the canal by 6:30.

It was humid and sticky, but despite it, I was comfortable. I ran at a pace that was challenging in the heat, but definitely doable. I do not have a clue how long it took, but honestly, I don't care. The point is that I finished 14 miles.

I also met a turtle.

Even if I am having the worst run ever, seeing cute animals on the canal puts a smile on my face.

I also stopped and took the necessary Dam photos.

After the run, I started to experience an all too familiar ache in my left sesamoid. I babied it all day. I RICE'd like there was no tomorrow. Peter even gave me multiple foot rubs.

Today, I did a foot soak in Epsom salt to try to further improve it.

Then I took my PediEgg to the oversized callus underneath it. I read that an excessive callus may contribute to sesamoiditis. It was definitely meatier (if that's a good word to use) than my other foot.

In all honesty, I blame it on the Hoka's a decided to try out. I am not saying Hoka's are bad shoes, but they are NOT for me. I have had blood blisters and growing calluses ever since I began running in them.

Needless to say, I am no longer wearing them.

I decided that today's run was out of the question. My sesamoids were in no way painful, but it was lurking deep inside. I knew if I pushed it, it would only get worse. I thought the best thing to do was to nip this in this bud now and skip my plans for running.

Instead, I biked about 13 miles and sweated my heart out! A cross-training workout is better than none at all, right?

After the bike ride, I ate this amazing dinner...

Sweet potatoes, baked chicken, and more veggies than you can imagine. One of my favorite dinners to date!

So I am not sure what this week has in store with me. Right now, there isn't any issue in my foot, but I will make sure it will not be a problem. If I have to cross-train, so be it.

Do you take a chance on running with the possibility of bringing on an injury?

Have you ever tried Hoka's? How did they work out for you?

Have you ever tried Epsom salt foot soaks? How did it work out for you?

What is currently your favorite dinner?

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  1. I'm sorry to hear your foot is bothering you, but I do believe the cross training day and switching your shoes will nip the pain in the bud. I've had a pair of the original Hoka Conquest in my shoe rotation for about 6 months. Sometimes, my feet really like them, and then other times they rub me the wrong way. I've only run maybe 160 miles in them, total, so they are definitely not my every day shoe.


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